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We are excited for another fun blog partnership and Zigo Leader X2 GIVEAWAY!  Last November we partnered up with BabyElan {daily} and Jolly Mom. With close to 2000 entries between the three blogs, The Jacobsen Family were the lucky winners of this gorgeous travel system! Here’s what Alesha had to say about her win with us:

“Felicia from Go Graham Go, Piera from Jolly Mom and Dana from Baby Luxe {daily} did a joint giveaway for a Zigo Leader. Don’t know what that is? Check this out!! I am SO grateful to have won this! I am in need of a kick in the pants to be working out, and now I can get Erik in this thing and we can all go as a family. I am stoked! Besides this awesome win, I have to share that Marc Urbanski, the North American Sales Manager from Zigo was amazing! I love great customer service (who doesn’t?) and you can’t get much better than this! He was in touch with me almost instantly, and has been keeping in touch along the way with all of the details.

I get to pick this up tomorrow, so I’ll share more later!! I am so excited!!”

We are beyond thrilled to host this giveaway again right as Spring 2010 hits, AND we’ve added a ton more blogs for a TON more chances to win!! Starting today, and for the next 2 weeks, enter here and/or at any of the blogs below for your chance to win! We have several options to enter as always and you know each blog has their own ways to enter so enter them all for the best chance at winning this beauty!!

BabyElan {daily}
Jolly Mom
Happy Hour Mom
Urban Sherp
Rave and Review
Seeryus Mama
Mommies with Cents
Classy Mommy
My Four Monkeys


Before we get to the fun part…meet Zigo:

Think GREEN, but to a whole new level! An all-natural, healthy adventure everyday, away from the pollution of automobiles. My oldest rides a bike like a crazy man and I’m only able to join him on weekends when hubby is home to watch the little ones. This would solve that problem in a heartbeat! A brilliant way to exercise for me while getting the kids out of the house and into the fresh air! And it’s not just what you see above, keep looking, versatility is key with Zigo!

Zigo_Mode_CYCL Zigo_Mode_TRLR Zigo_Mode_JGR Zigo_Mode_STRLR

Ride alone, or with your kids {front or back}, or use in stroller or jogger mode {easily converted into any mode in 30 seconds or less, no wasting time}. All-in-one; no need to buy a new bike, a bike trailer, or a jogging stroller…Zigo Leader X2 has them all in one spectacular product {with so many additional features {and accessories available} as well, view them all here}! Think of the possibilities! A “ride” to the park could mean so much more for the entire family! Anyone who is ready for a more active family lifestyle should look into this, cheaper than buying a “home gym system” for yourself, and that’s just for you…what about the kids? If you’ve ever seen how thrilled little ones are to ride in a bike trailer, you’d been sold already!


Here’s what founder Michael Ehrenreich has to say about the history the Zigo invention: “I was sitting on my front porch with my wife and then six-month old son one beautiful summer evening. My wife complained that her feet hurt after jogging with a jogging stroller. I said, “you need to cross-train.” She said, “I want a foot massage.” The rest is history. Over a period of more than three years and several designs, the Zigo LEADER took form. A fearless group of engineers, industrial designers, and now manufacturing and sales and marketing specialists were added to the growing Zigo family. We hope that you enjoy using your Zigo LEADER as much as we enjoyed building it.”
Save 10% off your purchase with the code ILUVZIGO1.

I was not compensated for this post.  Zigo provided the giveaway.
This giveaway has ended.  Congratulations to “Nad” who entered at Happy Hour Mom!


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