Zero Water Filter Review

Me, Thirsty?


I’m a breast-feeding, aerobic instructing, water guzzling fanatic. Lets face it, bottled waters can get pricey. And if i am going to be honest, i’ll admit that i do not always drink my water from a filter. Mainly because my faucet filter broke a while back and i’ve never replaced it with anything else.

Until now.

I recently received a Zero Water Filter in the mail, and it wasn’t moments before i rush to the sink to get this bad boy started. I’m a child when it comes to new toys. And by toys I mean watching the water seep through the filter and into the pitcher.

This particular water filter comes with a little tester pen. You can periodically test the filter to see if it’s working correctly by sticking the rod into the water. If it lights up, the water isn’t filtered. And if it doesn’t, you’re free to drink up.

And did i test it?

Did i ever. It was like a rad science experiment. I lined up two glasses of water. One with that good, and healthful filtered water; and one with plain ole faucet water. I was curious to see if this little pen-like utensil was going to light up and detect good-verses-bad water.

Sure enough, it was right on the money.  Big brother was equally amused.

Now truthfully, i can never actually taste the difference of good water verses bad water, but i can promise that i love having an indicator that can now detect it for me.


Here’s to a nice, clean, glass of water.



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  1. I have a Zero Water Filter pitcher as well. My test strip is different than yours. It doesn’t light up but it does give a reading of the levels of dissolvants in water. I like my Zero Water Pitcher and the fact that it filters my water to be free of ucky stuff.

  2. Boiling Billy applies the Venturi Principle of water pressure. There aren’t any moving parts so it’s maintenance free. It’s our way of harnessing nature’s technology. When there aren’t any pumps, solenoid valves or electronic taps, there are fewer breakdowns and, importantly, less energy is consumed.


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