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I’m not sure if you are like me, but I truly struggle to find a perfect lip color.  I often just settle for a good lipstick color.  The thing is, finding that color is such a process!  I finally found one that became a true favorite from Mary Kay and what did they do but discontinue it!  So, last week I was faced with the dilemma of once again finding the perfect lipstick color.  Because of my profession I like to keep a more natural look for most of the days.  Of course, I have several fun colors that I use for nights out with my honey {even though those only come about twice a year}.

Here’s what I am talking about…

dior addict lip glow

It is Dior Addict Lip Glow  (affiliate Amazon link) and it is definitely a splurge that is worth it.  I would never have recommended spending over $20 on a lipstick simply for the fact that you could end up with something you hate.  However, this $31 lipstick is worth every single dime.  Why?  This lipstick reacts to the PH of your body so the color will look different on everyone.  This is spectacular because you get a color that is perfect just for you!

There are three different levels of the Dior Lip Glow, but the Addict is the more neutral version of them all.  It comes in a light pink looking stick that feels great when applied.  Your lips are full of moisture and it even smells nice.  When you first apply the lipstick your lips will gradually start to turn pink.  After a few minutes they will be at the peak of their color.  Apply more to make the color brighter.

dior addict lip glow progression

Another bonus of this pricey lipstick is the fact that it sticks with you most of the day.  Most other lipsticks I eat off by the time I arrive to work between drinking water, coffee and eating breakfast, there is no hope of color left.  Because the Lip Glow works with your body to create the color it remains long after your second cup of coffee!

I purchased mine from Dillard’s, but you can easily purchase the Dior Addict Lip Glow online from Sephora as well.  Woot!  I am so excited to have found this stuff!

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  1. This sounds amazing and now I want it!

  2. Oooooh, thanks for sharing! I am going to add this on the “want” list. I love cosmetics. BTW, you last like for Sephora doesn’t work properly. just FYI.

  3. I love how natural it is and the fact it’s individual is awesome!

  4. I just ordered it from Sephora I can not wait so excited!!!!

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