Wordless Wednesday: Words of Wisdom and Cheetos…

sharing cheetos

I love that they share.  They even share the love of Cheetos.  Oh, and the right are my new words of wisdom when I don’t know the answer.  I think it sounds like a good idea.  Not so sure my co-workers would agree.

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About Felicia

Felicia Carter is founder and managing editor of Go Grow Go. Her philosophy is to simplify, save, grow and go! Her home is generally full of DIY projects, crafts, yummy baked goods and lots of love. Felicia is also a wife, mom of 2 boys and nationally certified counselor. You can always find her near the chocolate or the coffee pot.

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  1. Love the little hands great little capture Mama.

  2. Sharing is caring, right? At least when it comes to Cheetos? As for that response, will you remember it all? lol I’d mess it up and it wouldn’t sound right. hahahahaha

    • Girl, I’ve already forgotten it! Ha! This is a funny little joke I have going back and forth with a co-worker who refuses to get Facebook. This is her Facebook account 🙂

  3. Yes sharing is good!

  4. Awe, so cute to see them sharing! LOVE your “quote”!! LOL!

  5. So cute about the Cheetos and LOL at your new response!

  6. Awww! I love it when they share! And I think I’ll need to adopt that new response too. 😉

    Blue Moon Dragon’s Eye

  7. Awww…how cute is that?!?! 🙂

  8. That is brother love because Cheetos are so good that they’re tough to share!

  9. LOL I love the sign!!!

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