It’s a New Year. What’s Your Passion?

Because a brand new year is right around the corner, I thought it was worth revisiting this article I posted last November.  The New Year is the perfect time to reflect upon what drives us and what we are going to do with it!

No, seriously. What IS your passion?

Yesterday I was reminded of several things in the most strangest of ways. I was reminded of the reasons why we do what we do, or why we decided to do what it is that we are doing.

You know what I mean.

You know. That dream you started to dream a few years ago before you grew up. That little spark of hope that flickered in your mind and felt so right. Where did it go? What happens to that passion? Who gets to decide what is achievable for you? Did you let someone else decide?

In front of me there is a picture of a little girl. A happy little girl with a flowery dress, a hat, smiling, eating a snack, with crutches to her side. I can remember that day and I can remember those shoes (they were my favorite). My knee was only fractured. Not broken. My dreams were HUGE! I can remember.

I was going to save the world one hurt and broken person at a time as well as take up a career singing my heart out on Broadway. Little by little those lofty dreams began to break down as “reality” set in. Little by little pieces of dreams were fractured by different life experiences, people, and situations. Nothing major. Just small stuff.

What I know now is that no matter who or what comes your way and no matter how childish those dreams may seem you should dream them. It’s funny how things generally seem to come right back around to you. I believe that each one of us has a gift that we need to use. I also believe that those gifts can clearly be seen in your childhood when you aren’t worried so much about whose looking or how silly it might sound.

It’s just right and you know it in your gut.

So, whoever or whatever has fractured any part of your passion or dream I urge you to revisit it. Will you be singing on Broadway or saving the world? Who knows? Who gets to decide? Go with it with all you’ve got and remember the very wise words I’ve heard and still hear from my wonderful mother, “You never know until… YOU try.”


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Felicia Carter is founder and managing editor of Go Grow Go. Her philosophy is to simplify, save, grow and go! Her home is generally full of DIY projects, crafts, yummy baked goods and lots of love. Felicia is also a wife, mom of 2 boys and nationally certified counselor. You can always find her near the chocolate or the coffee pot.

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  1. this is such a great post – I believe its never too late to go after your dreams and passion – your brass ring! I can’t always respond to the post I read but this one really moved me!

  2. I feel so pathetic admitting that I don’t have a clue anymore. I have achieved all the life goals that I wanted to achieve, but am still so clueless as to what my life passion is…

  3. My problem is that I have so many passions…writing, photography, community service and, now, being a mother. Blogging lets me indulge in all them!

  4. It seems really trivial, even silly, but I think my passion is saving money. (or is it an obsession?) 🙂

  5. great post and reminder, Felicia!

  6. As I was reading this, I was thinking back and all I remember really wanting was to be a mom. It’s been completely fulfilling, but now is when I don’t know what to do with myself. I have no idea. None.

  7. I always wanted to be a nurse when I was a kid, but my parents didn’t encourage it and I never had the money for college. Then I got married the first time to a man… well, let’s not go there!! I had the 2 most wonderful children from that union and I wouldn’t trade them for anything!
    Then I married the MOST wonderful man in the world who encouraged me to go after my dream at the age of 35, and I did! Although I was unable to finish my education due to other unforseen occurances (REALLY long story), at least I know that I tried, and I would have been able to do it! It is one of the reasons I love Bill so deeply!
    Your mom was right Felicia, you never know!! Thanks for such a fabulous post!

  8. Great post. All I wanted to be was a stay at home Mom, just like my Memaw.

    I am so happy that I am, but I have to say my Memaw was a saint to watch her 5 grandchildren every day and not even be able to drive a car! She never learned how. How did she not lose her marbles by not escaping in the evenings?

  9. I love this. I am a sentimental fool myself. I was a dreamer as a tot and I’m still a dreamer today. Some of those passions that I had hoped to fulfill as a kid actually have been found even if in a roundabout way. But for me, my life is always a work in progress and the path has twisted and turned in so many ways and I know it will continue that way until the very end. That’s what makes it interesting for me… all the surprises that are yet to come. I’m a creative and an entrepreneur to my core, never happy with the expected, always looking for the next new thing.

  10. It is so funny but looking back what I was good at never really struck me as being part of my dream. It wasn’t until my last semester of college that I realized what I was really passionate about. I haven’t yet found a way to really bring my passions to the surface but there is a part of me that is always right there trying to save the world.

    The great thing about passions is that they can grow, change, and evolve as we do. I’m not the same string bean of a kid that I was 25 years ago and I’m not who I will be 25 years from now.

    So it’s important to dream because they help give us something to look forward to even if it’s only to dream again tomorrow.

  11. I have heard this talk about your passion so much…(maybe too much Oprah) and I always am thinking, I am way too BUSY to have a passion. So much we put all of ourselves into our kids and homes and families and forget about those stirrings inside that compel us to be excited about life and the world. I am with Carrie on this…I have INTERESTS but no real passion. For ME it makes me feel a bit empty, well at this time am dealing with lots of health issues and have been put on PAUSE for a long time…but your post made me think about what dreams I have in my HEART and SOUL that I want to accomplish STILL, even as I am nearing 50. I still have them but they get pushed aside. THANKS for reminding me to pull them out and dust them off now and then!

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