What We’re Reading This Week {6/13/13}

SUMMER!  WE have so much more time to dive into books and I have some great ones to share with you.  There’s everything from picture books, craft books and recipe.  Yay!

Shimmer & Splash: The Sparkling World of Sealife by Jim Arnosky

shimmer and splash book

What a beautiful picture book for kids this summer!  I generally try to pick up a “summer themed” book for vacations.  This one has been a hit with Graham especially.  It is gorgeously illustrated and even features large open out pictures to give you even more details.  Hardcover.  $11.

Made By Dad: 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff by Scott Bedford

made by dad book

I adore this book!  What a great gift idea for Father’s Day from the kids as well.  You can find projects for everything from alien abduction mobiles to animal cages.  There are also cool science related topics that our boys love.  The pictures are extremely descriptive and look like actual blueprints.  $15.  Soft Cover.

The No-Cook, No-Bake Cookbook by Matt Kadey

no cook cookbook

OH yes!  This is just what I was hoping for this summer.  Who knew you could make brownies without baking?  Well, you can as well as many different wraps, salads, gaspacho, pizza and more.  I am in complete love with this cookbook and it will also serve me well once school starts back for handy ideas when we are stuck in a rut.  $12. Soft Cover.

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

black beauty

Just about everyone is familiar with this classic.  Well, it is the classic we are on this week.  I decided this summer that we would read Graham a new classic book every week.  So far he is loving it.  Last week it was Treasure Island (we definitely had to modify some of the language in that one… warning).

Some of these books were provided free of charge.  These are my honest opinions and ideas.  I do not post items I cannot stand behind.


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  1. Mica is such a bookworm! He reads all the time! Even on our vacation I finally had to say, “Mica put the book down, and look at this!” I don’t say that often!

    I heard from someone a book that maybe you would be interested in to. It’s called Raising Cain. It’s about raising boys. I’m thinking of getting it. http://www.amazon.com/Raising-Cain-Protecting-Emotional-Life/dp/0345434854

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