What Is The Hardest Part About Being a Mom?

Being a mother is such a blessing, but it definitely comes with its challenges.  For me, the hardest part about being a mom is the “mommy guilt”.  I think moms are the best at beating themselves up over every little thing when it comes to their kids.  There have been many moments when I have had to stop, take a step back and realize that I am not really in control over the big picture.  Life is going to happen and no one is perfect.  Not me and not my children.  I read an excellent article yesterday titled “Dear God, Please Let My Children Get in Trouble“.  It really puts things in perspective.

For the past 2 weeks I have been “dishin” about questions like these over at the Ivory Soap Dish.  We have discussed everything from the best advice you were ever given as a parent to whether you prefer sweats over jeans.  Really, we are having a lot of fun and I would love it if you would join me!  There will be a new question every Monday and Wednesday from now until the end of April. This week we are going to be dishin about cute things your kids say and your go to family meals (don’t be surprised if my answer is not that extravagant.  This site is all about simplicity you know!).

Check out some of the other responses to the hardest part of being a mom.  I’m sure you can relate:

“I think the hardest part about being a mom is saying no when you would love to be able to say yes, not being able to take the pain away but also finding time to take care of oneself to make sure I wasn’t run ragged.”
“I found the hardest part of being a Mom was not forgetting myself.”

Make sure to join us throughout the rest of this month and help us feel better about ourselves!  It is nice to know that we are not alone is this parenting boat.  You really just have to laugh a little sometimes.  After you have “liked” the Ivory Facebook page you simply click on the “Ivory Soap Dish” tab to join in.  See you there!

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