Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail Review

It amazes me how far diaper pails have come just since Graham was born almost 5 years ago.  What a refreshing idea Ubbi has come up with!  I mean refreshing in every sense of the word.

If you have a diaper pail in your nursery then you will probably know what I am talking about when I say that they start to stink after a few months.  Even though the stinky diapers are inside the pail, the odor becomes trapped in the plastic that the pail is made from making it virtually impossible to get rid of the odor completely.  We experience this with Graham’s diaper pail and I bleached it many times to no avail.  
So how do you combat this problem?  You use steel because it does not trap the microorganisms that cause the odor.  The Ubbi Diaper Pail is made from steel and has rubber gaskets around the top in order to seal the odor in completely when the lid is closed.  It is extremely easy to operate and you can use your own kitchen bags in order to save money.  Are you a cloth diapering mama?  Ubbi has you covered too.  Just pick up their cloth diaper pail liner.  To make things even better, Ubbi comes in 8 different fun colors and even has decals you can place on the outside in order to match your decor.
See it in Action:

What We Love:
  • Made from steel so no odor is trapped in the pail itself
  • Simple to use and load with a slide on top
  • Easy locking system so curious hands stay out
  • Rubber gaskets do a great job of sealing in odor
  • Economical.  Use your own kitchen bags
  • Great color selection
What To Be Aware Of:
  • Very lightweight and can be lifted by toddler when not full
  • Hand only operation.  No foot pedal.
  • Smelly when pail is opened, but odor dissipates in a few minutes
The Ubbi Diaper pail retails for $79.99 which may seem like a steep price tag.  But, when you do the math on not buying separate bags you really are going to be saving money as well as your sense of smell!  You can also purchase the Ubbi bags for about $7.99 for 25.   I would definitely recommend this to expectant friends and add this to my baby registry.  What a great find!

This giveaway has ended.  Congrats to Addison K.A.T.!

This product was provided free of charge by Ubbi. These are my honest opinions on the product. I do not post reviews on products I can not stand behind. Please see my Terms of Use for more info.

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