Top 15 Must-Have Items for Crafting with Kids #ImBornTo

Disclosuregraphiccompensation I have so many fond memories of crafting with my mom when I was little and even into my teen years.  She taught me how to sew and do anything I know how to do craft wise.  If she didn’t know how to do it then we would learn how to together.  This was something I wanted to pass down to my children so that they could have some of those same wonderful memories.  Not to mention, it is fun to show kids how they can use their own minds in order to create!

Last week I shared with you all how by sharing your passions you could help donate to the March of Dimes.  How fun and easy!  All you have to do is create collections on eBay about your passions and make sure to tag them with #ImBornTo.  For every collection created $1 will be donated.  The goal is for us to reach $25,000.  We can do this!  I also shared with you all my collection of top 15 Kitchen Must-Haves.   If you are not already following along you can find me at GoGrowGo.

Naturally, one of my passions is creating with my kids.  So, today I am sharing with you all my top 5 picks for supplies to keep on hand when you are crafting with children.  You can find all 15 items over in my eBay collection.


Crafting with Kids Must-Haves

 1. washable markers // 2. safety scissors // 3.glue sticks // paper // 5.pipe cleaners

You will always find these items in our crafting cabinet. They are great go-to items even if you have no idea what type of craft you would like to create.  Washable markers are a must because they are so much easier for little kids to use.  Make sure they are washable because you know that a mess will be made!  Safety scissors may make you a little nervous, but cutting is a skill that kids need to learn before entering Kindergarten these days.  They are also great for developing fine motor skills.  Inevitably, something will need to be glued.  Glue sticks are perfect for beginners because they are easier to use and maintain the level of “goo” without going over board.  Multiple colors of construction paper will keep your creative ideas going as well as the multi-colored pipe cleaners.  We even use our pipe cleaners to create bubble wands!

Win a $5K Shopping Spree!

eBay is offering you the opportunity to Curate a Collection for a Cause, and a chance to WIN a $5,000 eBay shopping spree!  The sweepstakes ends March 31, 2014.

What are you passionate about?  Share your eBay Curate for a Cause collections link in the comments below.  Make sure you tag them with #ImBornTo in order to make your collection count towards March of Dimes and to be entered into the sweepstakes.

This post was sponsored by eBay.  These ideas and opinions are completely my own.  Please see my terms of use for more info.

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  1. What a wonderful campaign with March of Dimes! I created my collection the other day! This is a great collection of art items.

  2. Those are all things that are necessary in this house! We love crafting with my son!

  3. I have a big craft box, but I am not the crafty type of mom. As much as I wish I were, the stuff just sits in the box. Sigh.

  4. Felicia – thanks for raising awareness about the #ImBornTo March of Dimes campaign with Ebay. Washable markers and glue sticks are definitely tops on my list, too!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great campaign. I curated a collection for each month of baby-dom on my site.

  6. i need to do a collection myself. maybe i’ll do one of things i need to care for our new baby chicks!

  7. Thanks for the reminder. I have been meaning to do this.

  8. For a cause AND the chance to win? That’s fantastic and so worth the time.

  9. We keep those same supplies on hand, too. I need to curate a collection.

  10. We have everything but the pipe cleaners. Will need to grab some of those soon.

  11. We keep all five of these crafting supplies on hand! I love making things with my 3 year old, he is all about being artsy and creating new things!

  12. As a mother of 2 girls ages 3 and under I have to be very crafty to keep them entertained I do need to re up my supplies. But March of dimes is a great foundation!

  13. I try to keep some craft stuff around the house for my toddler. I have a stash of pom poms that we make things with too. She loves it!

  14. What a great cause! My daughters and I love doing arts and crafts! I have a pretty artsy family!

  15. What a great cause! And, thank goodness you didn’t include glitter. Oh it’s everywhere!

  16. As I’ve said before, I so love the March of Dimes. They are an amazing organization. I am always amazed by how crafty you are! Do you give lessons?

  17. I am all about crafting! Our boys make the biggest messes when they craft, but it’s worth it. Good list.

  18. These are definitely necessities for crafting with kids! I think I need to go restock up on some things… my kids always seem to run off with the supplies and they never come back!

  19. Crafting is a great way to spend time with the family. You can do fun things and preserve memories while making new ones!

  20. I created a few collections recently. One included fleece items. I’d never seen anything like a couple of them, eBay is the place I’ve found the most so far.

  21. I want to come craft with you! You seem to have everything!

  22. We are cleaning out the basement and creating an art space in the toy area. I will have to keep these items in mind when I shop!

  23. March of Dimes is such a great cause! This is a great way to support them as well!

  24. March of Dimes does so much good, for so many people, and they have for as long as I can remember!!

    We’re crafters here too, with a shelf in the utility room dedicated to our supplies.

  25. Glue sticks are always a must have! Even for mommy’s crafting !

  26. what a great cause. i could get behind that 🙂 but what would i do with $5,000… more dolls? xD yes i think so~

  27. It’s so wonderful that you have such special memories of crafting with your mom! Your essentials are all really good to have around in a creative home. I love this partnership between eBay and March of Dimes, too!

  28. Fun times crafting with kids – great list of items. Davey’s favorite is scissors & markers!

  29. We have quite a few of those things, but I do need to pick up a few mentioned. I have a daughter who loves to color and craft so this is a great list for me to have.

  30. What great memories you are making with your kids.

    Maybe I’ll make a Joy collection.

  31. Ashley M says:

    Our crafting closet has many of those but I do need to add a few staples.

  32. I love your collection! I think this campaign is great!

  33. You made a great list here! I need to add some stuff to my craft box for sure.

  34. what I need for crafting is constantly growing. The more I craft the more I want on hand so I can craft in a second. lol

  35. If you have kids and are planning on crafting with them there are some things that are a must. I can’t tell you how glad I was, as a person who works at a childcare facility, when they came out with those washable markers. LIFE SAVER I tell you!

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