The Things We Can Learn from Our Children

Something I realized today is that there is a lot to be learned from my 2 year old son. Our children have such amazing innocence and a completely different look on our world. Sometimes it is refreshing to step back and take a look at the world through a child’s eyes.

1. Slow down. There is so much to see and explore. Graham amazes me at his ability to spot an airplane that is so distant you can barely make it out. The point is, he is looking. He takes the time to stop, wait, look, and listen.

2. Find enjoyment in the little things. Once Graham has found that airplane he is giddy with excitement! “Airplane, airplane!” he shouts! “I hear it! I see it!” It is usually on the days that I have had a pretty stressful day at work that he reminds me of this one by pointing out the “every day things” that I so often miss.

3. Laugh until your face hurts. It doesn’t take much to get Graham into a side splitting laughing fit! You can tickle him in just the right spot under his neck or on his side or make a silly noise. It is true that everyone feels much better after a good laugh! It releases endorphins and makes us feel refreshed! No wonder these little guys have so much energy! They are always laughing!

4. Say “I Love You.” Graham will not let you leave the room without telling you that he loves you. Sometimes, almost to remind you, he says, “I love you too!” I know that life can get hectic, but an “I Love You” is always needed! Really, what is life all about?

5. In all things, bless the Lord. There are many times when I find sweet little Graham over in the corner, maybe riding his truck or playing with a toy and he starts praying. Of course, you can’t understand the complete prayer but at some point all of his family members and friends are mentioned and then there is always a sweet little “A-MEN!” at the end. If there was ever an important lesson to be learned this has to be it! No matter what we are doing, who we are with, we must bless the Lord!

Thank you Lord for the sweet little boy that you have loaned to us. Thank you for the lessons you are teaching us through him.


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  1. This was darling, and very true! My little girl is at that point to where she will say “amen” as in wanting to pray at certain times. It touches me so that she is already learning at two how to be a child of God! Bless little Grahams heart


  2. Such a wonderful post! I love your writing and this is so true!

    Happy Saturday,

  3. What a beautiful post! Thank you for the reminders to slow down and enjoy every moment with you child!

  4. How very sweet, and how very true! I cannot wait for my youngest to say “I love you.” We’re slowly working on building his vocab…he’s only 14 months old, so it’s slow going right now. 🙂

  5. aww that is so sweet. What great reminders and so true! I say I love you to my baby all the time. Sometimes I swear he knows what I’m saying because he smiles!! 🙂

  6. Aw, that is adorable!! Goes to show the example you are setting for him as well. I am so happy to hear that!

  7. Great post. It is so easy to get caught up in everyday stuff and forget to take the time to enjoy things.

    Graham is adorable!

  8. So so true! Don’t you just love to hear that sweet voice saying “I love you” That alone never fails to make me smile.

  9. Great post and so true. Life is so fast we don’t slow down to enjoy.

  10. All so very true. I have no children of my own, but when my nephew was little, I had the privilege of being his “nanny” while his mother worked. He is 15 now but I still get a smile on my face just thinking about the time that we had together. The most important thing that I learned was to slow down and enjoy the moment.

  11. This is lovely. I do agree with it all.
    I can’t tell you how I feel to hear my children talking about God or singing praise songs. It’s wonderful.

  12. Love it and so true! That picture of Graham is way too cute!

  13. awww, so sweet and so true!

  14. BTW, I also wanted to let you know that I left you some bloggy luv on my blog today. Stop by if you can.

  15. What a sweet post. Graham sounds like a real sweetheart!

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