There’s a Monster in my Bed! {Monster Buddy Body Pillow Review}

“There’s a monster in my bed!” is now a legitimate cry coming from my daughters’ room. I’ve even overheard them through the monitor fighting over who gets to have a monster sleep in their bed!
Liney in bed with a monster
It helps that this monster they’re clamoring for is a super soft, squishy, Monster Buddy body pillow.
Red Monster Buddy

Geared specifically for kids, the Monster Buddy body pillow is designed just for them–it is a kid-friendly size at 11″x22″ and comes in six different designs and colors. Three designs are more geared for girls while the other three motifs are designed with boys in mind. Any Monster Buddy body pillow that you choose, though, is a definite winner!
Catherine and her monster buddy
Each kids body pillow is made with authentic memory foam that helps promote better sleeping posture for children. The girls love to squeeze and hug their Monster Buddy–it is just irresistible to the touch!
Real Memory foam!


While the memory foam is certainly tempting, the super soft minky fabric each Monster Buddy is made of definitely adds to the allure. Add in a special pocket that holds an additionally melt in your hands minky blanket and your child will not want to let go of his or her newest friend. The back “kangaroo” pocket can hold a host of treasures–my daughters love to tote around their monster buddy filled with trinkets and essentials. I love that it can hold a set of pajamas and the coordinating blanket–perfect for a sleep over! I also love that each Monster Buddy cover has a hidden zipper closure that allows for washing–essential for my kids who schlepp their soft monster friend everywhere!

In the week that our Monster Buddy has taken up residence in our house, we’ve grown extremely fond of and dependent on her–having a sweetly soft body pillow is now a part of our life and I am so glad we know about them now!
Catherine sleeping with her Monster Buddy
Monster Buddies are sweetly comforting at night time, wonderfully restful for nap times,  perfect for cozy movie nights, and essential for sleepovers, camping trips, long car rides or airplane trips. The Monster Buddy body pillow is definitely  a gift your child is sure to use & love! You can buy them for $65.99 on their website.

This product was provided free of charge to Allie.  These are her honest opinions on the product.  Please see my Terms of Use for more info.

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