The Day I Learned to Install a Sink and Vanity #DIHWorkshop

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When it comes to fixing and building things around our house, I have to say, I am a pretty lucky gal!  My husband is Mr. Everything.  If he doesn’t already know how to do it he will figure it out and do a great job with it.  The only problem is that I feel like I am asking him to do everything all the time.  He is only one person and he also has a full-time job.  I hate to feel like I am making request after request so I am setting out to learn a few things on my own (much to his dismay).  When I was presented with the opportunity from Daily Buzz Moms to attend one of Home Depot’s Do-It-Herself Workshops with a sponsored campaign it was the opportunity I had been looking for.



Before I attended the workshop I had heard about them, but did not have a lot of info on them.  To be honest, the thought of attending a workshop on something that felt like it was completely out of my comfort zone with others watching was extremely intimidating, but I had always wanted to go.  I am so glad I was pushed out of my comfort zone.  Not only did I learn a lot (and realized that I already knew quite a bit thanks to my husband), but I met some wonderful people along the way.

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When I arrived at our local Home Depot (late… such is the story of my life) the Do-It-Herself Workshop had already started and it was located at the front of the store just beyond the registers when I first walked in.  That was extremely convenient.  There were about 3 rows of chairs set up and most of them were full.  I was glad to see that the workshop was pretty full and that I would have company.  Our instructors, Carl and Maurie, were working together wonderfully and were preparing for a live demonstration on how to install the sink and vanity from start to finish.  They had a table set up with all of the necessary materials and went step by step explaining the process as well as what products would be an absolute and the products that would simply make our lives easier.  It was so nice to have another female there demonstrating this.  It made it seem more doable (just my opinion of course).  So many times I watch my husband do these projects and he speeds through them because it all seems to be second nature.  It was great to have another perspective.  I also learned a ton from the other ladies present because of all of the wonderful questions they asked. dih workshop home depot Carl and Maurie are both employees of our local Home Depot (Carl actually had the day off and was volunteering).  I had the chance to speak with them after the workshop and learned a little bit about them.  Carl is a licensed contractor and Maurie knows a lot because she has been working in that department and learning for several years.  I found that most Home Depot stores have experts in every department.  The knowledge is truly unbelievable.  I watched as the workshop participants came up to Carl and Maurie afterwards and had individual questions answered with grace and skill.  They also told us that you could bring in a picture of your project or problem to an employee and they could help us even more!  That is exactly what I need!

Overall, I was impressed with how welcoming and non-intimidating the workshop was.  I learned enough that I feel comfortable trying to install a sink and vanity on my own and I know that if an issue arrises I can just head back over with my pictures and questions.  If you have ever considered attending one of these workshops I would urge you to stop putting it off.  What an excellent FREE resource!

Brought to you by The Home Depot®, click here to learn more.

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  1. Good for you girl! I’d totally be intimated to install a sink and vanity but if I had people who knew what they were doing to teach me like that I’m sure I’d have more confidence. We’ve worked with Home Depot experts before too and I love all their knowledge that they offer up as part of customer service.

  2. Loved that they offer these workshops! Off to see what is available in my area!

  3. I have seen these workshops at our local Home Depot. I should really check them out!

  4. I absolutely love the DIH workshops at Home Depot. I have learned so much from them!!

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