The Breakfast Dance: Feeding My Little People #RedboxBreakfast

jimmy dean croissantEvery morning there is a routine that happens.  Is it a graceful one?  Most of the times it is not.  It all boils down to a series of intricate dance moves that generally looks a lot less like a graceful ballet and more like some crazy dance off.  You know, the dance offs where there are short limits of time to get it all completed and when you win it is all glory, but when you loose it is a sad, sad day.   Oh, and we always pull the quickstep out of the hat.  Always the quickstep!  One day we will have the rumba or maybe the waltz.  One day.

jimmy dean sausage redbox

All of the snow we have had lately has made my already crazy mornings a little more chaotic.  I find myself out of quick breakfast options because I haven’t been to the store or I’m just out of time because my days are completely backwards and confused.  Most mornings we are lucky to have two matching shoes and some type of breakfast in hand as we walk out the door.  Poor Graham, the little fella has had so many breakfasts in the car that he probably thinks that is where the meal is served.  Truly.

jimmy dean redbox breakfast

However, I do have a trusty sidekick that has been there for me even before the boys were around.  Have you discovered the magic that are the Jimmy Dean Redboxes?  Seriously, they have saved the morning more times than I can count.  Honestly, they have saved dinner a time or two as well.  As luck would have it, we are predicted to have a huge snow storm coming our way tonight or tomorrow so Davis and I braved the “snow crazies” at Walmart yesterday in order to grab a few essentials.  Of course, the Jimmy Dean Redbox breakfast of goodness ended up in the cart and Davis wanted one immediately.  He settled for just sniffing the box instead.

jimmy dean sausage egg cheese croissant

One of our favorites are the Jimmy Dean Sausage, Egg and Cheese Croissant Sandwiches.  The Muffin Sandwiches and Biscuits are also some we love.  The boys are thrilled to have a warm breakfast and I’m glad to have the time saver.  So, even though we will quickstep through the morning, at least there is something good and hardy in my little people’s bellies (and let’s not forget mine).

Find more hardy breakfast ideas on the Jimmy Dean Pinterest and Instagram pages.  I love the pictures and resonate with the ideas!

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Jimmy Dean, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #RedboxBreakfast

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  1. Hmmm, I wonder if my kids would like these? I am always on the hunt for hearty breakfasts to fill them up before they head off for school I would like to try these.

  2. Hmmmm – I wonder if my kids would like these? I am always looking for hearty breakfast options to fill them up before they are off to school. I will have to try these :)

  3. Our favorite is the sausage, egg, and cheese croissant too! It’s much nicer on a cold morning than cold cereal or a pop tart. (There will be no cooking breakfast in my home, ever. I wake up so groggy I’d burn the house down attempting to use the stove.)

  4. Oh geez Felicia! Your mornings do sound like quite the chaotic thing. Thank goodness for easy breakfast solutions like this!

  5. Uh oh, I should NOT have read this before eating breakfast! LOL! Those breakfast sandwiches look delicious and now my stomach is growling!

  6. My daughter LOVES these breakfast sandwiches. I bought them by chance last month and a week later the whole box was gone. They are delicious!

  7. Our morning are a non-graceful mess of a dance too! I am not much on frozen meals but these do look appealing!

  8. My teen would love these. I’d love them because he can make his own breakfast before school at 6 am. Ugh! lol This would be so much easier.

  9. Oh how I need to try these. I am hungry right now and could use one. I know my kids would love them, especially my 7 year old, he enjoys having a breakfast sandwich whenever I buy one.

  10. Mmm…I LOVE Jimmy Dean Breakfast Croissant Sandwiches! My teen likes them too because it’s quick and easy to grab and make on the way out the door before school.

  11. that does look good. i love croissant and jimmy dean sausage. i think i’d prefer it without the egg though. i’m pretty sure they have that at least i hope so

  12. what’s not to love about jimmy dean? that’s our sausage brand. and it’s so good!!

  13. I love these for breakfast! So quick yet so delicious!

  14. Those look so good! I like that they are quick and easy too.

  15. I’ve had these before – they are really good. jimmy dean, ftw!

  16. I need to check these out for my boys! I am not a fan of sausage, but I really don’t care if I eat or not. I do need them to eat and you’re right, it’s very challenging to find quick options early in the morning whenever everything is SO crazy.

  17. We’ve tried these before. They yummy and perfect for those mornings I don’t have time to make breakfast, or even an after school snack!

  18. I love having these in the house. It saves me from stopping off and spending too much money on breakfast

  19. Jimmy Dean makes some yummy breakfast sandwiches! I love their Delights line – so good and low-calorie. They are perfect for busy mornings.

  20. Mornings are SO chaotic! My husband is a huge fan of the Jimmy Dean Delights and often has them as a back-up (which is about 5 days a week….every week day.)

  21. Picking these up for my hubby. I am positive he will enjoy these in the morning. We like Jimmy Dean products so I am sure they are delicious.

  22. These Jimmy Dean Sandwiches look so good that I wish I had some!! I love their products so much!

  23. This is making my mouth water. I’m getting really hungry now! Gonna buy one.

  24. Our mornings are always so rushed. I have to have some easy breakfasts on hand!

  25. I love these for hubby! We have about 80% of our breakfasts in the car during the week too :( not ideal, but if we get accepted in the new school it’ll be 2 days less, so that’s nice!

  26. We do hot breakfast every day at our house and there are days it’s super time consuming! I’ll have to check these out. It would be nice to just throw something in the microwave!

  27. We love Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches in my house :) Hubby loves the red box croissant ones, and I love the Jimmy Dean D-lite English Muffins. Bubbles just wants to eat the cheese from all of them!

  28. Such fun in the mornings, I tell ya! I’ll have to try your morning dances and see how that goes. ;) Big fans here though, of the Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches. We love quick and easy!

  29. Those look super yummy. I’m going to have to take a look next time I’m at the store.

  30. I like their biscuit ones. I really need to try their croissants!

  31. i am a clean eater but my fiance likes these for breakfast. he also gives them to my 5 year old. i will pass this along

  32. I’ve tried these before! They are delicious!

  33. We like the egg cheese and sausage. The kids just had a breakfast sandwich this morning!

  34. Those look good! We always do the quickstep through the morning too – hoping for the waltz someday too LOL. We’ll see!

  35. I LOVE the different Jimmy Dean Breakfast options. My favorites are the bacon egg and cheese croissants and the breakfast bowls.

  36. These look delish. Eating breakfast is usually the meal I forget to eat. I am to much in a hurry to get the day rolling. I should add these to my grocery lists

  37. Yummy, these look delicious!! I love croissants!

  38. I love Jimmy Dean. Their breakfasts make life very easy, especially when we’re in a rush to get out the door. These croissants are so yummy!

  39. These are so tasty! I love Jimmy Dean sandwiches in the morning

  40. What impresses me is that the actual product doesn’t look so far from the picture. I’m always dismayed when I open a box with a pretty picture and the contents are tiny or something else.

  41. I love the jimmy Dean products. They make life much easier with tasty food. I have not tried the croissants, but I am going to!

  42. Boy, your mornings sound a lot like ours! Writing these on next week’s grocery list as we speak. I love having a grab-and-go option.

  43. We love these in our house. I used to work 5a-3p, so they were great to take to eat at work at about 7ish. The hubby now takes them with him.

  44. It is such a cool idea to have these ready made sandwiches on hand for quick meals when one doesn’t want or cannot cook a meal.

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