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Yesterday I told you guys about the LeapFrog Tag Get Ready for Kindergarten book that we love.  Today I want to share with you another favorite find!  The LeapFrog  Tag Human Body Discovery Pack has kept Graham intrigued and asking questions every day.  We already own the Solar System Discovery Pack and absolutely love the activities included so we were delighted about trying a new one.

Tag Reader Human Body Discovery Pack

In my opinion, the discovery packs offer even more activities than just the books.  You have a long chart and game board that folds out that is super sturdy and has eye catching art work.  Use the Tag Reader to hear different facts on every single picture as well as play games that help your child progress and learn.

The Human Body Discovery Pack breaks down the sections of the human body into the various systems.  You will find facts and games on the skeletal system, muscular system, digestive system, respiratory and circulatory systems, as well as the nervous system on one side of the board.  There is also a fun Making Healthy Choices game included that Graham really enjoys playing.  If you have another child they can play along!

human body discovery pack

The opposite side of the board offers learning games and facts on being different, skin, an inside look of the body and what different organs do and more!  Every single time we pull the Human Body Discovery Pack out I hear something new and Graham learns something new.  Just last night Graham said, “Do you know why my skin is not as dark as other people?  Because I have less melanin.”  I was blown away that he was catching on and retaining the information he was learning.


When your child is finished playing they can simply fold the board into a handy book sized piece and store it in the box it came in.  Also included in the box are interactive stickers and a growth chart.  Your child can place the stickers on the chart and use the Tag Reader to learn even more.  Bonus: The skeleton stickers glow in the dark!  Score!

You can purchase the Tag Human Body Discovery Pack for about $19.99.  What a great idea for birthdays and Christmas!

I was selected for this opportunity as a compensated member of Clever Girls Collective and received free product from LeapFrog to review. The content and opinions expressed here are all my own. #LeapFrogTag #spon

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