Sukey Molloy: Encouraging Toddlers to Play, Move and Sing!

sukey molloy

Don’t you love it when you stumbled across something brilliant you have never heard of?  It’s like finding a buried treasure and you wonder why no one else has ever told you about it!  Well, that is what I felt like when I found Sukey Molloy.  At first glance you may think she is just another person making and singing songs for kids, but when you look again you will see that she goes WAY beyond the music.  When I opened up her webpage after and email pitch I clicked on one of her video shorts.  Davis was eating a snack nearby and came running over immediately.  He sat in my lap and watched and listend as we went through every single one of her videos.  After we were done he wanted me to play them all again.  Just so you can grasp a picture of this, Davis is not a TV watcher.  He is very much a doer and player.  He will rarely sit and watch an entire Toddler based movie.  He turned 2 at the beginning of this month so movies are definitely not a priority for him (nor should they be for any kid).  So, the fact that Sukey Molloy caught his attention, held it and got him moving was a treasure to me!

sukey molloy sunny tick tock

Sukey has won many awards and is an extremely talented children’s music performer.  She started this in 1985 and continues today with Sukey’s Circle.  We were sent the 2 Sukey’s Circle DVDs as well as her 2 CD’s: I Am Happy and I Am Sleepy.  To say that Davis has worn out the music and DVD’s would be an understatement.   In Sukey’s Circle Vol 1 toddlers are introduced to Sunny and Tick Tock (the two mascots).  They will learn all about their bodies with fun songs and movement games.  Davis really loves the Tick Tock song and pretending to be a clock.  In Vol. 2 toddlers will follow a felt board river as it comes to life, swing with monkeys, roll around with balls and shine with the stars!  Even Davis’s babysitter loves these DVDs.  Davis moves and plays right along with Sukey and the two mascots.

sukey molloy dvd

I Am Happy features many of the songs that are also on the DVDs and her new CD, I am Sleepy is just a delightful!  Davis listens to both.  We keep I Am Happy on while he is playing in his room and I Am Sleepy for nap times.  If you have not yet had the opportunity to see or hear Sukey Molloy and you have toddlers or work with them I highly encourage you to head over and check out some of her video shorts.  Even better, grab your toddler and let them watch.  It will be the best $19.95 for a DVD you ever spent!

i am sleepy cd

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