Staying sane in the car with Caspar Babypants

The holidays are upon us! Hooray! Let the traveling begin. Even if the travel is only to the mall to go shopping for presents or food, gee the traffic is terrific! Which means more “quality time” spent in the car with your kiddos.

We are really blessed to live in an area where we can walk to nearly everything–restaurants, grocery stores, school, and even church are within walking distance. Which means my girls actually look forward to getting in the car because that means they can listen to music!

I Found You! CD Cover

Our newest most-requested CD is Caspar Babypants latest offering: I Found You! We LOVE it–my daughters were singing, humming, and clapping to the songs within minutes of hearing the CD. I adore the sweet title track, “I Found You” but my daughters clamor for equally fun songs like “All the Fish” and “Cricket the King”. We seriously are going to wear out the CD with the way we replay those tracks again and again.

I also love that Caspar Babypants re-introduced new favorites like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Row Row Row Your Boat” and made them catchy and fun–that’s saying something for someone (me!) who has known those songs for 30+ years.The 19-track CD is excellent and in keeping with Caspar Babypants other offerings–fun, catchy, creative, and crazy, my girls and i love to pass the time in the car singing and talking about the songs Caspar Babypants entertains us with!

Not available until December 18th, you can visit his website to check out his other (truly wonderful) CDs!

While you wait for the “I Found You!” release, here is one of our favorite Caspar Babypants videos to help ease the countdown to 12/18/12!

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