Sleep Better with the Mediflow Waterbase Pillow (Review)

I’m a pillow girl.  I love to sleep with lots of pillows and am quite attached to 2 of the 4 pillows I currently sleep with (and yes, there is still room for my husband and his 2 pillows in the bed too, thankfully)! When I go out of town, those pillows are at the top of the packing list; no, I don’t leave home without them!

I was recently given a chance to try the Mediflow waterbase pillow.  This pillow boasts to be the best pillow for neck support on the market; there’s even a clinical study and testimonials to back it up.  In addition to having the best neck support pillow to reduce your neck pain, you can also look forward to these additional benefits when using the Mediflow waterbase pillow:

  • Restore your energy: Improved quality of sleep reverses the negative effects of fatigue.
  • Freshen your appearance: Enhanced sleep rejuvenates the skin to ease wrinkles.
  • Soothe daily stresses: Uninterrupted sleep is associated with improved coping skills.

While I don’t personally suffer from any neck pains or problems, I’m not opposed to something that will be more comfortable or allow me better sleep than what I have now. The Mediflow waterbase pillow says it aids in a better night’s rest, and I do feel as though I don’t always get the best night’s rest.  As a
mother to 4 young kiddos I feel like this is just part of the job
description, though the thought of a better night’s rest sounds
fantastic.  I was ready to put the Mediflow pillow to the test!

The top layer of the pillow is super soft hypoallergenic polyester fiber.  The base of the pillow holds the water, which, when you lay on it, shifts to fill the gap needed for cervical
support and cradle the head as well.  In between those layers is a thermal insulator. Unlike other therapeutic pillows, the water base of this pillow allows you can change the firmness of the pillow based on your needs! Best of all, you can modify it whenever you desire, making it versatile to your needs at any given time.

Filling the pillow was super easy.  I generally like things soft, so I only filled it with the suggested amount for a pillow between soft and medium firmness. After filling you need to get out as much of the air as possible for it to give you the proper support.  The instructions say if you hear sloshing then you need to repeat the steps in order to get all of the air out, but try as I might I still heard sloshing. However, I’m sure there will be some sort of sloshing when you put water into a bag, especially when you don’t completely fill it.

The pillow was very comfortable to lay on, though first night I slept with the Mediflow pillow I didn’t sleep that well. It wasn’t the pillow that was the problem, however I needed more than one pillow under my head. So the next night I placed another pillow under the Mediflow and it was perfect! I’m not sure if this would help for someone with neck pain or not, but it sure helped me sleep a lot better! However, I thought it might be wise to try and make the pillow more firm and see if that would help.  It did help a bit, though after a few nights I still determined that another pillow underneath was what I liked best.

The only downside to the pillow is that it is quite heavy.  What can you expect when you fill it with nearly a gallon of water? This made it difficult to put the pillowcase on the ‘normal’ way I do it, since gravity kept pulling the pillow out from under my chin. However, a little creativity and I had the pillowcase on easy enough.

All that said, I love the pillow and so far I have no plans of going back to my old pillows. I still use my old ‘favorite pillow’ when I sleep, but it’s the Mediflow pillow you’ll find under my head. That old pillow makes a great side pillow…

Buy the Mediflow Waterbase Pillow online from one of many retailers, including (but not limited to) Amazon, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Macy’s!

This product was provided free of charge to Alesha. These are her honest opinions on the product.  Please see my Terms of Use for more info.

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  1. OMGosh it’s been too long since I’ve been over here I didn’t know Alesha was posting here for you. YEAH, love both of you!

    OK now on this I so need to invest in this for Rick. That man loves the room and everything icy cool and I’m a warm girl and not so pleasant when I’m cool. This may just be what I need to help keep the balance!!

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