Simple Tips from Facebook Fans!

It amazes me all of the simple tips I learn from friends and readers that make life more simple!  Here are a few that popped up last week from the Go Graham Go Facebook Fan Page:

Kristi Bittenbender-Gardner wrote: “I read that if you wrap each banana in tin foil and put in the refrigerator they will last. Guess I’ll try putting a couple in like that to see. For some reason we often end up not eating the whole bunch and they go bad first.”

Maggie Mason wrote: “Store your tomatoes on the counter NOT the fridge for a sweeter, fuller flavor!”

Eva Marie Mady wrote: “Keeping them (bananas) in the fridge and in the dark helps them to not ripen so quickly.”

Tara Wilburn wrote: “Use Baby powder to take off sand, put in your hands, run up and down sandy area and it comes off!”

I second Maggie’s tip!  We always keep tomatoes on the counter so that they will taste perfect!  And Tara, I am going to have to remember your trick for our next trip to the beach!  My banana tip is to break the bunch apart for them to last longer.

How about you?  What are some of your simple tips for making life easier?  Share them with us all on Facebook!  If you are not already a fan head on over to the Go Graham Go Facebook Fan Page!

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