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As a self-professed Nerd with a capital N married to an equally cool nerdy boy, it is no wonder that my kids can lose themselves in books…and they don’t even read yet! My three daughters love to pore over picture books and make up stories incorporating the pictures they see and stories they know.

The best stories the girls know and love? The ones they create themselves from their own recollections of daily experiences. We’ve made at least a dozen photo books for our daughters and the books captivate them. The only thing is…they are only composed of pictures because goodness knows that I 1) lack storytelling skills and 2) have little spare time to devote to book making.

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That is why, for my daughters’ love of books, for their love of personalization and for my apparent lack of creativity and time, I am the biggest fan of Trueberry Books. Trueberry Books is not your ordinary personalized children’s book creator. You start with your choice of three books (two gender-specific themed books and one gender-neutral book) and then begin your story.


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Depending on how personalized you’d like to make your book, you can choose “author” or “standard”. If you’re itching to be a child-writer, “author” is the choice for you–you can take cues from their text and add, embellish, or completely re-write the story. You can even choose from a variety of artist pictures to correspond to your story. The “standard” option allows you to use their story and add in personal information in a few places per page–great if you are making a book in a hurry or just lack a certain zest for writing children’s books. You can even go crazy (like I did!) and use some pages as is and completely re-write others to fit your family’s story.
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I love that Trueberry Books has handy pop-up tips, frequent reminders of how you can personalize your book even further, guides you from you and your spouse’s fistory rst date to your wedding and then starts again with your child’s birth. The book prompts you to include special memories about not only your child but also about seemingly inconsequential things you’ll think you’ll always remember (but don’t!)–like nursery decorations, first words and movements, and favorite foods and toys. The writing in each Trueberry book emphasizes multiple times how well-loved and anticipated your child was by incorporating so may personal details. The best part? you can add a personal picture per page to make it even more unique and special to your child (and helping you remember how little they were!).
Catherine reading her book!
After deciding to make a story for my fairy-obsessed 4-year old, I was able to write, edit, change and add a dozen pictures in one night. We received our custom-designed book from Trueberry less than 9 days after placing our order. It was so well received that even our 2.5-year old daughter wants to read (and re-read!) her sister’s story. Each personalized 23-page Trueberry book is 11.5″x8.5″ and costs $34.95. It truly is a priceless gift to give your child–to watch his or her eyes light up and realize how prized they are in your family is something you can both cherish for generations!

If you would like more information on how Trueberry books work, check out their informative (and short!) video below:

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