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Disclosuregraphiccompensation If someone told you that you could help save precious little lives just by sharing your passion, would you?  What if it was as simple as putting together a collection on eBay?  Well, now you can share your passion and every collection curated on eBay labeled with #imbornto will donate $1 to March of Dimes.  The goal is to reach 25,000.  We can do this!

Everyday babies are born preterm.  I actually have several friends who have experienced this.  Thankfully all of their babies are healthy and strong.  March of Dimes is a non-profit organization that helps mothers have full-term babies and funds research of problems that threaten the health of babies.

Win a $5K Shopping Spree!

eBay is offering you the opportunity to Curate a Collection for a Cause, and a chance to WIN a $5,000 eBay shopping spree!  The sweepstakes ends March 31, 2014.


I recently created two eBay collections about two things I am passionate about.  Today I am sharing with you my Kitchen Must-Have items.  I was not always a fan of cooking.  Actually, when Matthew and I were first married I despised it.  Today I have found joy in creating delicious and nutritious meals for my family by keeping things simple.  I shared 15 of my top kitchen items via eBay collections and I’m sharing 5 of them with you here:


Kitchen Must-Haves

1. Wooden Spoons // 2. Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoons //3. Old Fashioned Ice CreamScoop // 4. Kitchenaid Stand Mixer //5. Cuisinart Food Processor

The wooden spoons are great for non-stick surfaces and they do not conduct heat making them extremely versatile.  Measuring cups and spoons are a must and stainless steel is extremely durable.  The old fashioned ice cream scoop is used daily in our home.  It is great for measuring out perfect portions on everything from muffins to pancakes.  I never would have thought that the stand mixer would be on my list until I owned it.  It has cut my cooking time in half!  Also, the food processor works great for chopping a ton of food all at once.  This is a huge time saver at the beginning of the week when prepping meals.

What are you passionate about?  Share your eBay Curate for a Cause collections link in the comments below.  Make sure you tag them with #ImBornTo in order to make your collection count towards March of Dimes and to be entered into the sweepstakes.

This post was sponsored by eBay.  These ideas and opinions are completely my own.  Please see my terms of use for more info.

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  1. The March of Dimes is a wonderful charity. I currently do not have any eBay collections, but this has inspired me to set a couple up!

  2. I am just starting to cook more at home, so I dont have a collection, but I will definitely take your tips and began!

  3. I have such a tender heart toward March of Dimes. In the 1970s, neonatal equipment they purchased for Mission Hospital saved my sister’s life when she was born. Great cause and program!

  4. There are so many great causes that I love. I try to spread my love/time/donations to the causes most meaningful to me. I’m with you on the cooking thing too….I didn’t always like to cook but now I really take pride in feeding my family healthy meals.

  5. The March of Dimes is one of my favorite charities. Each year I make a contribution to them and St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital. When it comes to a cause that supports children I am all in. I love your kitchen essential choices by the way. I could not be without my Kitchen Aid!

  6. What a great way to raise money for the March of Dimes. It is one of my favorite charities.

  7. I’ve done fundraisers for the March of Dimes in the past. It is a great organization.

  8. What a neat way to donate to such a good cause. I really need to make a collection and use the hashtag. If I do I’ll definitely let you know about it.

  9. What a great collection and this is such a great cause! I’ve made a few collections but I need to do one about stuff I’m really passionate about.

  10. I hope they reach $25,000 on this goal. It doesn’t take long to curate a collection and what a worthy cause!

  11. What a great cause! I need to look into this!

  12. I don’t have any EBay collections but this is such a great idea. March of Dimes is such a wonderful organization. I donate a lot to their walks.

  13. March of Dimes is a great charity. I hope they reach their goal!

  14. That is very interesting.. I was just talking about EBAY today and that I have not visited that site in a long time.

  15. we support March of Dimes in memory of so many babies, but especially for a little girl named Emery Amelia who lived just 10 short weeks. such an important cause

  16. I’ve done runs for March of Dimes, such a worthy charity! I love that eBay is doing this, I may have to look into sharing as well.

  17. A totally unique way to raise money. March of Dimes is a worthy cause!

  18. This is wonderful, and such an easy way to contribute!

  19. March of Dimes is a phenomenal program. What they do is just so awesome and I know that there are so many that are so thankful for them. I’ve grown to be more passionate about cooking at home and trying new things. Doing more REAL food vs. packaged food. I’ve never made an eBay collection though. This is the first I’ve heard of it! That’s pretty cool!

  20. That Kitchenaid Mixer would look amazing on my counter! March of Dimes is a great program to give to.

  21. What a great way to raise awareness for the March of Dimes!! And we have simliar kitchen favorites. Thank you for bringing attenion to this.

  22. I love everything in your collection- I certainly wouldn’t mind having a KitchenAid mixer myself! I love campaigns like this that are an easy task for a great cause. It makes it so everyone is able to help make a difference in a little way 🙂

  23. Years ago I used to donate a few dollars out of each of my paychecks to the March of Dimes. I hope they reach their goal.

  24. This is a such a great way to donate. I love your kitchen must haves.

  25. I also created a cooking collection! Mine is #ImBornTo be a chef –

  26. I’ve donated to March of Dimes many times – such a great charity! I’ve never created an eBay collection. Definitely going to check them out as I’ve seen a couple of posts now about the collections.

  27. March of Dimes is an amazing charity. Love that they have such a great way to donate and for others to help out.

  28. I love that this helps the March of Dimes! I want to make a collection!

  29. I wish I could be more passionate about cooking. I see all these yummy, healthy recipes out there and want to spend more time in the kitchen. Maybe it’s time to start a collection of the right appliances and tools so I can have more fun making food!

  30. I’m passionate about board games. If I got started making a collection, I would get sucked into hours and hours of looking at games and dreaming, lol!

  31. March of Dimes is an awesome charity group. I’m sure there are a lot of people who love March of Dimes as it helps the poor and needy. I love cooking and these products are simply amazing. This is the first time I heard of eBay collectibles or any related program. I may want to try this one after reading it from you. 🙂

  32. As someone who is literally obsessed with helping people discover their own passions (through my life coaching) this really resonated with me. I think it’s a beautiful way of thinking about your own passion and telling the world about it while helping others. Nice one Ebay 🙂

  33. Ashley M says:

    Love your kitchen must haves. I love to cook but i get really crabby if I don’t have the tools I need. It really affects teh recipe.

  34. Very cool. I didn’t know ebay even had collections you could make, but if it goes towards a charity, how awesome!

  35. The March of Dimes is a wonderful charity, I actually just got done donating to them. This is a wonderful way to donate to them in my opinion 🙂

  36. I’m passionate about food. So I’d have a kitchen aid and kitchen gadgets too. 🙂

  37. Thanks for doing this! March of Dimes is a charity close to my heart!

  38. Eliz Frank says:

    I love the March of Dimes and the great way they raise awareness about maternal health. They are one of my fav charities and any way to help is ok with me. TY!

  39. Love that this post helps donate to March of Dimes! You know me and anything charitable. PS thanks for the reminder in your awesome collection, I need an old-fashioned ice cream scoop so I can make cookie balls without getting my hands yucky!

  40. What a great cause. I try to support the March of Dimes whenever I can.

  41. What a great fundraising activity! So creative and helpful.

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