Sally Simon Simmons’ Super Frustrating Day!

Ha ha, I have to laugh. I really do. This book, Sally Simon Simmons’ Super Frustrating Day, by: Betsy Brown Braun, was made for my little people. Especially my five-year-old.

sally simon simmons' super frustrating day

As I was reading this darling, and i mean darling, book to my little buddies, I had this strong urge to smack the author a high-five. She delivered a great scenario to help children with their frustrations. Frustration is just something that children deal with. Period. All of them. In the eyes of a child, it’s the end of the world in that single moment when the tower of blocks they have been earnestly building goes kaput. They feel defeated. Hopeless even.

The tower of blocks in this book came in the form of a mile-high deli sandwich. As the pages turn, and Sally Simmons’ deli tower continues to fall, time-after-time, she faces defeat. She even gives up. Quits.

super sally simmons'

Then, with the help of some kind, uplifting, and encouraging words from her teacher, she was taught that practicing is a good thing. It’s how we grow. I guess my favorite part, other than watching it click with my son, was how at the very end, Sally took a deep breath, focused, and was okay if it fell. Because after all, she did her very best. Is that not what we expect out of our children? To do their very best? No matter the outcome?

And since i like victory, I’d like to announce that Sally’s sandwich did not fall.

Ahhhh, I love happily ever afters. I have joyfully added this little gem to our bookshelf. So should you. <–(click on the link to purchase.)

Happy Reading!

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  1. I needed this book so bad last evening!

    Isaak cried hard for 45 minutes. Why? Because I opened a snack bar wrapper for him. Of course most of the time was while I was driving. I pulled over twice. I tried my best to stay calm, so I wouldn’t get in an accident. He continued to cry when we got home so much so that he couldn’t breathe. He had a time-out. Then I got out peanuts to make our own peanut butter. Guess what? The crying stopped like a snap of a finger. He told me that he wants to make peanut butter for a job when he grows up! 🙂

    I’ve never experienced a temper tantrum that was that bad! I hope I handled it the right way!

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