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First grade has proven to be a year of many changes for Graham.  He maintains that they spend more time sitting and less time playing.  There is one thing that hasn’t changed, and that is his love for reading.  I am thrilled every day when he comes home and excitedly talks about what book the teacher read to them that day.  Of course, the books all tend to focus on themes.  This weeks theme has been squirrels!

When making Graham’s lunch for the day I am generally already out of time and have very few lunch box ideas!  Even if I pack his lunch ahead of time the night before I have little to no energy to invest.  I do, however, like to make it fun and apply to what they are talking about in school on occasion.  I also rely on items that help take some of the effort out of packing lunches but keep it on the healthy side.

So, how do you create a lunch fit for a squirrel loving kid?  I decided to use tortillas in order to free hand carve a squirrel shape with a knife.  If you think that sounds intimidating, just Google search for a squirrel silhouette and go by what you find.  If you feel like you need even more help, print it, cut it out and use this as your template to trace.  I had some left over candies in the baking cabinet so I chose a white one and pressed it into the tortilla for the eye of the squirrel.  The inside of this particular tortilla was ham and cheese.

Because I was on the fall and nut gathering theme, I decided a few cheese acorns would be a good fit.  I just used the tip of a heart cookie cutter in order to get my design going.  Popcorn is one of Graham’s favorite snacks and it also happened to fit into the theme.  I went an extra step and decided the squirrel could hold a piece (since they LOVE corn so much)!

The part that made this lunch possible to be so creative was the time I saved by packing the Mott’s®.
Snack & Go applesauce pouch as well as the Mott’s® For Tots Juice drink box.  I truly just tossed them in and was done!  It is nice when you don’t have to worry about additional items.  I like to use the Mott’s products because they make great efforts to cut down on the sugar.  The Snack & Go applesauce in Natural and Strawberry flavers has NO added sugar! Mott’s® For Tots Juice drink has 40% less sugar than the Mott’s 100% apple juice as well as no artificial sweeteners.  All of these things make a busy mama happy!

So, how about you?  I would love to know your creative and quick lunch box ideas.  I am always on the look out for new fun items to add to our line up!

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  1. This is such an adorable and healthy lunch! You are such a sweet mom for making such cute and fun lunchbox goodies 🙂

  2. Betty Baez says:

    How adorable! love it! Im always looking for ways to spruce up my boys lunches!

  3. Oh my goodness, that lunch is too cute. We’re so excited Mott’s has the squeezee applesauce – and they’re even available at our commissary. They’ve been a staple in all three kids’ boxes.

  4. Good job on the squirrel! Kids love eating things that are shaped and unique!

  5. First of all, WOW! How cute is that squirrel and love the idea of spending time on the main item and adding quick extras for the rest. You are an awesome mom!

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