Pocket Purifier: Kill Germs the “Green” Way

I have found the perfect product for all you germ concsious, green parents. It’s called the Pocket Purifier and it’s made by Purely Products. The pocket purifier uses a UV-C bulb, the same germicidal technology found in hospitals for surgical instrument sterilization.

Have you ever gone into a grocery store or local supercenter and the first thing you do is grab a buggy and put your precious little one in for a ride around the store. Now both of you have grabbed the handle, not knowing what lurks there. Well, now you can quickly and easily solve this problem. Grab your small and convienient Pocket Purifier and in 10-12 seconds the handle is disenfected and you’re ready to go shopping.

It works with 4 AA batteries and easily fits into your purse. It also doubles as a flashlight. By using the Pocket Purifier you are cutting down on harmful chemicals as well as wasting wipes. The Pocket Purifier retails at $29.95.

Purely Products are committed to the introduction of products that enhance lives with great consideration given to eco-friendly, green product and process alternatives. I am especially in love with their Purely Anion light bulbs! Not only are they energy efficient, but they also clean the air! You have to check out the video at their site that proves this!

See it in Action:

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  3. The SunMate UV monitor looks cool.


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  9. Rgw ionicLifestyle negative ion generators give you a daily boost of positive energy and increase your outlook by filling the air with more than 2,000,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. Cool.

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  14. I like the Ionic Lifestyle Generator – Home and Office.

  15. My favorite is the SunMate – UV Monitor, this would be great in the winter when it’s hard to tell how strong the rays are.

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