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For several months now I have been keeping you up to date with the latest Home Decor items from PartyLite.  I truly am a fan of all the options they offer and of course, the candles!  PartyLite is now introducing a brand new line for your hosting needs that has nothing to do with decor.

Two Sisters Gourmet is a line of quick, easy, and delicious food items that are perfect for parties, snacks, or a special treat.  The best part is that the line allows you to use items that you would probably already have on hand in your kitchen so that you aren’t spending a ton of money getting your party together.

We were sent the Apple Cake Mix, Swirled Cheddar Merlot Cheese Dip, Italian Herb Cheese Mix, and the Bursting Blackberry Cabernet Preserve.  They all have been delicious and super easy to create tasty dishes from.  I made cheese balls out of the Italian Herb Cheese Mix and pretty much ate them on my own!  The Apple Cake Mix only requires apples and eggs!  Most of us keep those on hand on a daily basis.

Another great feature is that you can visit the Two Sisters Gourmet Recipe Box to find delicious recipe ideas to try out with their products.  You can search by ingredient or by what type of meal you are trying to whip up.  I am definitely going to have to try the Blackberry Cabernet Brownies!

Of course, what would PartyLite be without some gorgeous new home decor items?  We were also sent the beautiful Tri-Glow Reed Diffuser.  Not only does it have a distinctive look, but it holds three layers of fragrances.  Reed diffusers are my primary way of giving my home and office a fragrance for a few reasons.  First of all, you do not have to plug them or light a candle so there is no fire hazard.  You are also saving money on energy costs.  Also, they typically release a small amount of fragrance at a time so that you are not completely overwhelmed.

We were also sent the Scents of Illumination which offers a two for one deal on elegance!  It is a fragrance filled glass that also hosts a spot for a tealight.  So, you not only get the lovely fragrance from the glass, but also the fragrance from the candle.  When the candle is lite it illuminates the glass giving it a romantic feel.

This is just the icing on the cake (pun intended).  Make sure to check out all of the other wonderful options that the Two Sisters Gourmet by PartyLite has to offer as well as all of the ever changing home decor and fragrance items.

These products were provided free of charge by PartyLite. These are my honest opinions on the product. I do not post reviews on products I can not stand behind. Please see my Terms of Use for more info.

This giveaway has ended.  Congratulations to Terri!


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