Pampers Beautiful Morning Moments {Nikon Coolpix Camera + Prize Pack Giveaway}

pampers beautiful morning moments

I will be the first one to admit that I am not a morning person.  Maybe it has something to do with how late I stay up at night.  I like to squeak in every last few minutes of sleep that I can in the mornings.  Davis and Graham on the other hand are generally up and happy when their feet hit the ground.  I love waking up to their smiling faces!

good morning

Pampers understands those beautiful moments that happen in the first minutes of the morning.  Whether it be bed head, eye boogers or a bright eyed beauty, all of the moments are things of beauty when put into perspective.  Pampers is currently hosting a 30 Days of Giveaways on their Facebook page.  The grand prize is a $5000 gift card!  Make sure to stop by and get involved.  Share your own Beautiful Morning Moments with the rest of the Pampers Facebook community as well.

Now in honor of Beautiful Mornings with your babies, one Go Graham Go reader will win a Pampers Prize pack that includes:
Jumbo Pack of Pampers Baby Dry
Jumbo Pack of Pampers Cruisers
Tub of Pampers Sensitive Wipes
Nikon Coolpix 16.0 megapixel digital camera
“That’s What I’d Do” Children’s Book – By Jewel
“The Merry Goes Round” DELUXE CD – By Jewel

Here’s How to Win:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am a Pampers Baby Board Member. I received no compensation for this post.

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  1. Ashley Holt says:

    Picking them up when they are first waking up

  2. I like saturday morning cartoons on the floor in jammies

  3. reading emails and the news

  4. Christina Brundick says:

    Waking up to a happy babbling baby instead of crying

  5. Morning Hugs after a good night sleep.

  6. Jennifer B says:

    Cup of hot tea and a snuggly child

  7. Jamie Brigham says:

    My favorite morning moments are seeing my baby dude’s smiling face when he wakes up, watching Dora the Explorer with him and building blocks just to knock them down, laugh and do it again.

  8. waking up with my husband and daughter to a beautiful sunrise

  9. Christian Alejandro N. says:

    Waking up late and finding a smile greeting me! Absolutely great way to start a day.

    my email starts with Lieutcrunch27

  10. I love getting hugs and kisses from my daughter each morning.

  11. snuggling with my little dude

  12. Every morning I wake up to my 10 month old daughter sticking her pacifier in my mouth as if to say “I’m done with it for the night, you can have it!” lol

  13. When both of my boys wake up and come lay in bed with me.


  14. I like morning hugs from my kids & enjoying breakfast together.

  15. My favorite is that my daughter smiles every morning waking up. It makes it SO much easier to get up that early!

  16. Snuggling in bed with my kids!

  17. My very favorite mornings are when we are camping. Waking up and sitting around a campfire eating breakfast and doughnuts is fun

  18. jeannine s says:

    when they first get up, see me and give me the biggest smile ever

  19. Tabathia B says:

    Waking up next to my little girl and watching her wake up smiling and telling me mommy “I love you” and then can I watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates

  20. Tabathia B says:

    email subscriber

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  21. We love having breakfast together and talking about if they had any good dreams and just love listening to them talk so innocently. Too precious way to start out days together and I’m so thankful for all I have.

  22. Natalie Finch says:

    My four year old and I have had a tradition for some time, where whoever wakes up first – goes and tickles the other persons feet. It’s so much fun and always starts are day right and in a fun way.

  23. My favorite morning moments is whispering in my childrens ear that it is time to wake up. The sweet smiles are the greatest reward

  24. Ashley Hughes says:

    I’m not a morning person either. That’s why I love when my daughter comes to wake me up and she says she wants to snuggle!

  25. Waking up to my 3 month old giggling in my face

  26. The first smile and kiss from my daughters!

  27. I love going in to wake my boys and giving them sleepy kisses

  28. Jenny Sims says:

    I love Saturday morning pancakes in my house, it’s become a tradition!

  29. Jennifer T. says:

    My favorite moments include right after my son wakes up and wants to snuggle.

  30. kfloveinme says:

    Waking up knowing that I’m healthy, happy and loved is my favorite morning moments.

  31. Gricelda Castro says:

    waking up to a fresh cup of coffee.

  32. My beautiful morning moment is when my granddaughter wakes up, gives me a big hug and tells me she loves me sooooo much. 🙂

  33. Sleepy bed hair and coffee.

  34. I love coffee in the morning at the breakfast table with my two little boys, and their sleepy heads!

  35. Dluxe Dana says:

    Weekend snuggling in daddy’s recliner before anyone else in the house gets up and it’s just me and the baby!

  36. christine jessamine says:

    i love eating breakfast with my familyt

  37. Favorite morning moment is my hubby and I snuggled together and the cats waking us up by crawling on top of us.

  38. My favorite moment is when my sweet 3 month old baby boy looks at me and gives a big smile.

  39. Love my baby girl’s morning smiles.

  40. Kathi Spence says:

    Their tiny voices echoing throughout the house 🙂

  41. Lisa Garner says:

    My Favorite morning moments are getting kisses from my daughter to wake me up.

  42. When you look down into the crib & see that sweet smile & hands out to be picked up and snuggled!

  43. Becky Richied says:

    one of my favorite moments is that first taste of coffee in the morning…it’s what I need to get me going


  44. Waking up to my little guy’s sweet sounds. He’s so happy in the mornings!

  45. My kids greeting me with heartfelt hugs. Seeing their cute morning-hair.

  46. My favorite morning moments are when the kids sit and eat their pancakes or oatmeal and giggle together

  47. I love how cuddly my baby is in the morning

  48. Hugs from my son…. any time of day

  49. when my daughter was little, anytime I woke her up, she’d always wake up with a smile. It warmed my heart

  50. I like when breakfasts arent rushed and we can all enjoy our meal together

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