On the Road Again: Evenflo Symphony DLX Platinum Car Seat

Disclosuregraphiccompensation Traveling is something our family loves to do.  We love to take mini-vacations throughout the year or just jump in the car and go for a ride that leads us on an unexpected adventure.  We spend quite a bit of time on the road and just as much time in our adventure spots.  So, when we are on the road it is important to me that the boys are comfortable and safe.

our adventure

I had the opportunity to road test the Evenflo Symphony DLX Platinum Car seat on our road trip just a few weeks ago.  We decided to take a spring break trip to one of our favorite destinations, Pigeon Forge.  The boys love staying in the cabin and Dollywood is always a fun stop.  This time we got even more adventurous and got a 4 seater RZR rental and explored the Smoky Mountain National Parks.  It was amazing and a memory we will always remember!

Travel time for us is about 2 hours which results in about 2 naps in the car seat there and back as well as a few while we are at our destination.  There are also 2 big issues with our boys when they are napping in a car seat.  First of all, the head falling forward always bothers me.  I want them to be comfortable and safe and that is neither!  The second thing is the sweat factor.  No matter how much air is kicking in the back, the boys wake up sweaty from the car seat.

Evenflo Symphony DLX Platinum Carseat

The new Evenflo Symphony DLX Platinum Carseat helped us out with both of my concern areas.  His head did flop forward on occasion, but for the most part it stayed in place and was minimal.  But, the part that was wonderful to witness was that there was no excessive sweating!  Our spring break saw some of the highest temperatures we have ever seen for this time of year.  It really felt more like summer.  The car seat sat in the bright, hot parking lot of an amusement park for hours before we got back in.  Davis got in and seemed comfortable pretty much immediately.

Evenflo Symphony DLX Platinum Carseat

When NASA has something to do with a carseat then you know a lot of research went into it!  The Outlast® Technology is the temperature-regulating fabric that was designed by them that is used in this carseat.  So many times, we as mothers are distracted drivers just because our kids are uncomfortable in the back seat.   According to a study conducted by American Baby and Safe Kids Worldwide, new moms are 300% more likely to get into an accident than other drivers, in part due to tending to an upset baby.  Outlast® Technology helps cut down on that just by keeping kids cozy!  Buckle Protects are also used on this carseat ensuring that your precious cargo will not be burned by hot buckles and you won’t have to dig around under your child to find the lost buckles.  The Evenflo Symphony DLX Platinum Carseat will accommodate children weighing 5-110 pounds making it extremely versatile.

Overall, we were extremely satisfied with the seat and are ready for many more comfortable and safe adventures down the road!

I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

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  1. This sounds like a great car seat! We just got back from a two week road trip, and my daughter had a bruise on her spine from sitting in her car seat for so long (it wasn’t as padded as I hoped). The Evenflo Symphony DLX Platinum looks very comfortable. It’s great that it helped your son’s posture while he napped!

  2. The safety of kids on car rides is very important. This car seat seems like a great choice for that. My kids are beyond car seats but I’ll keep this in mind for friends with younger kids

  3. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I have an Evenflo car seat that has been very helpful for our family over the years. I think investing money in a good seat is a must!

  4. I desperately NEED to get a new car seat for my daughter. She is growing like a weed and the one we bought 6 months ago is no longer functionable. I love that thought and research went into this car seat. I am such a paranoid mom and I always look for the safest products on the market.

  5. Very similar to the Nautilus. I have an Evenflo Triumph and we really like it!

  6. I really do need to swap out our car seat for a convertible. This one has some pretty sweet features!

  7. That looks like one plush car seat!j Love it! Now that is traveling in comfort!

  8. My boys sweat in their carseats too! This one looks fabulous.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Temperature regulating fabric sounds like a huge plus here in Az! I will have to look into this one!

  10. That sure does look like a wonderful car seat. My boys are out of carseats now, but I have a brand new niece who could probably benefit from one of these.

  11. I would definitely buy this car seat with confidence knowing that NASA research went into it. It looks like your little guy had a comfy ride.

  12. It seems like a great car seat. I loved ones like that when my kids were smaller

  13. I remember the head flopping thing. Have you tried one of those u shaped neck pillows? I found they helped.

  14. Oh my yes I remember the burning hot car seat! That’s fantastic that it didn’t hold all that heat!

  15. Car seats have come a long way since my girls were little! These look really comfy and easy to use.

  16. That is quite the Cadillac of car seats. It looks like a quality product and one that is very comfortable. I will make sure that family members see this review.

  17. Fabulous car seat! I love that it doesn’t hold the heat like some others.

  18. This looks like a great car seat! Glad you were able to alleviate some of your concerns with it 🙂

  19. What a great car seat. I had not had a concern yet about being sweaty in a car seat but we haven’t taken any road trips yet. Thanks!!

  20. I know what you mean about them getting sweaty and the head falling forward. I’m glad this is helping to alleviate some of that!

  21. I really love the features. Such a great upgrade for a carseat

  22. We take lots of car trips with our kids too. It’s so important to keep them safe in a sturdy and reliable carseat. This would have been a great choice when my kids were younger – they’re in turbo booster seats now!

  23. Looks luxurious! My carseat was recalled (graco!) so I’m in the market for a new one.

  24. Looks like a comfy car seat! We only live about three hours away from Pigeon Forge. It’s such a nice family friendly place to visit!

  25. We are passed the car seat stage, but I do remember how cranky my girls got when they were uncomfortable. This looks like a very comfortable and high quality car seat! If I were to have more kids, it would be at the top of my list of items to buy for them!

  26. We dont’ have car seats anymore. But that is one I would have loved when mine were in car seats.

  27. That carseat looks both comfortable and safe. Two key features of all carseats.

  28. I need a new car seat for one of my girls! My daughters head always falls forward when she is sleeping! I’ll check this seat out!

  29. That car seat looks super plush and comfy. Adding safety on top of that. Works for me!

  30. This sounds like a very quality car seat. It sounds versatile enough to give as a baby shower seat, but also accommodates children as they get older and grow. It’s nice that it has pillows on the side so that they can sleep comfortably!

  31. This looks like a fantastic car seat. I love that it has a drink and snack holder!

  32. That car seat looks extra comfortable. Your son looks like he’s riding in style!

  33. That looks like a great car seat! I like where he stashed his goodies, lol.

  34. As a parent, we always worry about whether our kids are safe. This car seat looks great!

  35. Looks like a great cushy ride for your son. I bet he loved it so and mom felt safe with him in it.

  36. That looks like a really great seat! I’ve never been to Pigeon Forge but I hear so many people talking about it.


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