On Gratitude.

Happy Turkey Day to you and your family!  The reality of it all is that this day is definitely about more than turkey for our family.  You see that turkey in the background?  That is George and he is a pet turkey.  Not just any pet turkey.  He is my nieces’ pet turkey.  This week has proven to be a pretty challenging one but not for any major reasons.  There have just been a few small things that have added up.  But, I am taken back to the thoughts on gratitude and being grateful which is what today is all about.  I also found myself editing family photos of all of us (not just my sweet family of 4).  I think it is what I needed in order to move past some things.

happy thanksgiving

I also heard some great words of wisdom from Meredith Andrews who spoke of entitlement and how she was guilty of it just like I’m sure all of us are.  Isn’t it true that we live in a society that feels very entitled.  How often are we thinking of our rights and what we deserve, what is owed to us, what will benefit us or the injustice behind something.  The reality of it all is that every moment we are given is a gift.  I am not promised another day and the life I have is not my own.  So, why should I feel so entitled?

I guess today is a good day to take a second look at things and reevaluate priorities.  Welcome the new and forget about the past.  This is sort of sounding like it should be a New Year’s post, but maybe we need to reevaluate that whole theory as well.  I mean, what could be a better day to focus the way you look at things and be grateful and gracious than on Thanksgiving?  Truthfully, it is something I need to reevaluate everyday.

thankful for friends

I’m thankful for each and everyone of you and what you have meant to me over the years.  For new readers, I hope you find that this is a place that is ever changing and growing just as I hope my own life is.  I’m wishing you all a fantastic Thanksgiving and a wonderful rest of the year.  In the words of Graham, “I am thankful for my franz.”  That’s ya’ll!

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