On Being Friends.

I’m so thankful for the friends I have that walk beside me through life.  It sure does make a difference and there are only a handful of “real” ones.  This quote on being a good friend was perfect for this shot I captured of Graham and his friends.  My prayer is that Graham will find a few close friends of substance that will be there for him for many years.  I hope he is a great friend to all.  Every morning we say these few things together before he heads out of the car for school:  “Today I’m going to be a helper and let others see Jesus through me.”  We’ve also been practicing a Bible verse thanks to a wonderful suggestion from one of my close friends.  Can you guess which one?

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

How do you encourage your children to be good friends?  My belief is that they will see how you treat others and model that behavior.  May we constantly strive to be that example for our kids.

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  1. This is beautiful.

    I always pray with the kids in the car ride to school in the mornings. I pray that they will show Jesus light in whatever they do.
    I love the idea of doing a bible verse for their day too.
    It surely will help them as they get older.

  2. Yes, I was glad my friend mentioned it. I really want my boys to know scripture in their hearts!

  3. What a priceless picture!! I have a teenager and she is having a hard time, because kids that she has grown up with, since kindergarten, have changed. Not a good change, but they are doing and talking about things that she doesn’t believe in and she is “losing” friends. I tell her, to hang on to God and continue to let her light shine. She may be the only Bible that the lost kids will ever read.

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