No-Sew Bob Tomato VeggieTales Costume Tutorial

To say that Davis loves VeggieTales would be an understatement.  That kid eat, sleeps and breathes VeggieTales!  As soon as he wakes up he wants to watch them.  We have to listen to them in the car and you better believe that if we are going on a trip we need to bring along the DVDs.  So, I’m not exactly sure why it took me so long to figure out what to make him for Halloween.  One of my closest friends is the one who suggest he be Bob the Tomato because she also knew of his love of singing vegetables.  I thought it would be an easy one to make and decided to go the easiest route possible and make it a no-sew!  The beauty of this costume is that it could easily be a pumpkin or any other round object you desired.

no-sew bob tomato costume

No-Sew Bob Tomato or Pumpkin Costume Tutorial

What you will need:

  • One oversized red sweatshirt (we had to turn one inside out)
  • Felt for face
  • Iron-on adhesive
  • Thin red grosgain ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Sewing pins


First of all, let me just say that finding a red sweatshirt in October is no easy feat!  I wasn’t looking for orange, but maybe you will have more luck with that one.  I ended up finding one at Walmart and turning it inside out (there was a print on the front).  You also want to buy a size that is about 3 times bigger than your child’s current size.  So, following the hem of the sweatshirt, turn it up in order to create a hem.  Pin this hem into place.

pin hem

Next, you are going to cut slits into the hem all the way around about an inch to a half inch apart.  The closer the slits the more cinch you will have on the bottom of the costume (creating more fullness).

Weave the ribbon through the slits making sure to leave the two ends sticking out on the outside of the sweatshirt (so that you can create a tie in the back).  Remove the pins.

Cut the sleeves off of the sweatshirt before the seam.

Using your felt, cut out a face and use the iron-on adhesive to make it stick in place.  You can use one of the sleeves to create the nose for Bob.

Put this on over a black shirt and black pants.  Cinch the shirt up in the back to create a full or rounded look and then tie.

Now you’re ready to waltz with potatoes!

Want the video tutorial?  Well here ya go!

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  1. Very cute!

  2. turned out great

  3. Where were you in my costume making days? I used to hire people to sew my kids’ costumes! I wish I’d thought to do things like this.

  4. That is pretty cute! It looks like Bob to! I love how graphic it is. Davis is so cute! He looks so much like Graham. They look like brothers anyhow.

    My sister whips things up like that so fast. I wish she was a blogger to. She has enough on her plate though. Right now she’s trying to custom make rompers that have a feeding port hole for G buttons. The boys had a birthday party to go to this weekend. My sister called me and said, “What did you get her?” I’m like, “A Golden Book puzzle and a Golden book.” She hadn’t gotten her anything. Well by the afternoon she had a super hero cape with her letter in her name “E” on it and mask made. I was like, “She did that all today!”

  5. Karen Medlin says:

    Super cute, I like how creative you got with whipping it up.. It will so much more comfortable and cuter than a store bought costume.

  6. Oh my goodness, this is adorable! I can’t even sew on a simple button! You did a great job as usual.

    • Thanks Shelly! The beauty of this one is that you don’t have to sew. I just couldn’t bring myself to sew this year after last years Angry Bird costume extravaganza!

  7. I saw you pin this this am, LOVED it!! The boys love Veggie Tales! Super cute idea!!

  8. That is adorable! We love the veggie tales in my house. All my kids have grown up with them.

  9. Very cute Felicia! Love that I don’t need a sewing machine.

  10. That is sooo Cute! You did a great job!

  11. My son loves Veggie Tales too, and I saw this scroll across the screen and had to come look. This is awesome, and he looks really cute in it too!


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