mimijumi bottle Review: Easing Transition from Breast to Bottle

Have you ever spent 10 minutes pumping 6 oz of milk for a bottle just to have your baby flat-out refuse it and then cry because you drained your supply while pumping? I have done so dozens of times and it is seriously a horrible thing to face as a mother not to mention as the helpless person left with an uneaten bottle and a screaming child.

My third daughter is a sweet kiddo at 3-months of age–she coos and laughs and grins when anyone so much as glances at her. But show her a bottle and she will start screaming. It’s slightly unnerving how she senses that a bottle is about to impend her feeding routine. Despite her apparent strong preference for milk straight from its source, I keep trying to get her to take a bottle for those times when I just can’t be there to nurse her.

If you’ve been reading this blog you’ll know that I tried a new bottle that sounded perfect for her. I was sure she would drink from it readily and my problems would be solved.

It didn’t work.

I remember remarking to my husband that the main reason I thought she didn’t like that bottle was because of the nipple itself–it was a strange sensation in her mouth since it was very much artificial and not at all like the real deal.  “If only”, I said, “they could just make a bottle that looked and felt like a boob.”

don’t be alarmed–this is not a boob but, rather, a bottle’s nipple

Mothers rejoice for we have found the solution. And, apparently, a lot of people who watch Celebrity Wife Swap have found the solution, too.

(re)Introducing the mimijumi bottle. An ingenious and well thought out design is this year-old company’s claim to fame.  The nipple on the mimijumi bottle simulates a breast’s natural colors and textures–exactly what I was envisioning when I expressed my desire for such a bottle nipple. Because of its design, the ease of transition to a bottle from a breast (and back!) is readily apparent. The mimijumi bottle even recreates a natural feeding by requiring the infant to actually latch before milk is released. My daughter almost didn’t know that what she had in her mouth was artificial–it took her half the bottle to register that she was getting milk from a bottle and not from me. And even then, she just resettled into her new feeding experience.

The first time we used this bottle was at our church. Our church is full of artsy hipster families and you better believe that this artsy-cool bottle got a ton of attention when I took it out in the middle of the service. Several new moms who have babies around the same age as my daughter came up to me after church was over to remark on how neat the mimijumi bottle looked from afar. Then they asked me what the baby and I thought about it because they, too, have babies that refuse bottles.

I’ll tell you exactly what I told them: it’s the bottle my daughter and I have been waiting for–its integrated venting helps prevent colic (which we definitely deal with on a daily basis if feeding goes awry); it was (is!) super easy to fill (no missing a small opening and crying over spilled breastmilk); it is a cinch to clean–with only two parts (bottle and nipple) it’s a breeze–especially because you can reach the bottom of the bottle with your hands so you can rest assured that there will be no residual junk crusted to the bottom; and it is so similar to a breast in appearance and texture that it fooled my daughter into taking a bottle!

If you’re desperate to find a bottle that your child will actually take, I highly recommend checking out the mimijumi. The bottles come in two different sizes: the Very Hungry bottle (8 oz) for $16.99 and the Not So Hungry bottle (4 oz) for $13.99. They also sell replacement nipples in slow, medium and fast speed for $12 a pair. To find a retailer near you that sells it, click here.

After stints of living in the Midwest, Northeast, and England, the Monkey’s Mama (AKA Allie) currently resides in Atlanta with her wonderful husband of 7 years, “J”. Together they have three daughters.

The Monkey’s Mama takes great joy in being a Christian Stay-at-Home-Mama. In her spare time, she loves to run and race competitively for her local track club, read mystery novels, and walk her cats Churchill and Thatcher outside on leashes!

You can find her on twitter @monkeysonthebed.

This product was provided free of charge by mimijumi. These are her honest opinions on the product.  Please see my Terms of Use for more info.

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