Meet the Pajanimals DVD Review

I love shows that you can pair nicely with pajama’s. Because that means bed time is lurking. And I wouldn’t dare let my littles watch a show titled, Meet the Pajanimals, without jumping into their jammies first. And besides, we love doing things with a theme.

So, Pajama and movie night commenced.

I wasn’t sure that my five-year-old would be to interested in watching it since he’s starting to think certain shows are babyish. But, and don’t tell him that i told you this, he smiled throughout a good portion of it, and actually stayed put for the whole show. And sister (who is every last bit of a two-year-old) loooooooved it.

meet the pajanimals review

Favorite part: where they do the freeze/dance part. That is one of our favorite games around here. So any movie that plays the freeze/dance game is golden in our book.

But most importantly, It was very light-hearted, educational; with little lessons on sharing, caring, and kindness thrown about. It is certainly not manipulative-as some kid shows can be, or scary. It’s just real cute.

It’s definitely a wash-my-dishes-fold-some-laundry kind of kid show. One where I feel safe to escape to the next room and get a chore done, knowing their little minds aren’t being corrupted.

Pajanimals airs each night, at 8 p.m., on Sprout. If you’re children are like mine and are soundly sleeping by that time, then investing in this DVD isn’t such a bad idea.

Super cute.

Super sweet.

We dig it.  Glad it’s ours.

Happy Fall!

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