Master Moves Mickey Review

Every year there are a few “hot” toy items that are all the rage for Christmas.  This year I predict Master Moves Mickey will be on that list because of how different he is.  When I first heard about him I was worried that he would be one of those toys that only did a few things and would easily be set aside.  We received him for review a few weeks ago and I have been pleasantly surprised by how much the boys really like him.

If you have not seen Master Moves Mickey yet he really is pretty cool!  Mickey is dressed like a street dancer and has the moves to go with it.  I honestly had no idea that he was going to start flipping over onto his hands with his legs in the air!  I think Davis and I were both equally surprised when we turned him on.

Here’s what we love:

  • Ready to go straight out of the box.
  • Takes 6AA batteries when he runs out of juice (which is much less than other animatronics we have owned in the past)
  • Easy to operate and no special gimmicks (just squeeze his nose)
  • 15 different dance moves so that your child can dance along
  • Performs 5 special moves (that are pretty cool): The Windmill (handstand with feet rotating), The Mouska Mix (hand crossing and moving combo), The Spin Cycle (lays sideways on the floor and spins 360 degrees with legs), The Handstand (handstand with feet going behind)
  • Fun sayings like: “I’m so cool my ice cream doesn’t melt” ha!
  • Encourages kids to play and move along (and my kids really listen)
  • Groovy beats and songs!
Master Moves Mickey Review

Things to be aware of:

  • M3 is expensive!  You will find him on Amazon for about $69, but he generally retails for $80
  • Batteries out of the box will last about two weeks with moderate use
  • Best for younger kids.  My 2 year old loves him.  My 5 year old thinks he’s ok.

Overall, Master Moves Mickey would be a fun gift idea this Christmas.  He really does get the entire family moving and grooving!  Maybe by November his price will drop some (or maybe he would be a good Black Friday sale).

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  1. I love this toy and that is saying a LOT since I hardly ever like noisy toys! We have one of the first Dancing mickey’s (it was released last Christmas) and my kids STILL play with it. Lucy is adorable as she carries it around the house and dances with him.

    Loved the video!

  2. OMGosh my boys would love~!


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