Making Valentine’s Day Special #OkaytoCry


Valentine’s Day was never really that “special” to me until Matthew came along.  You know when people say, “You just know” when you find the right one?  Well, it was true for me and it is still hard to describe what that means.  I teach a group of teenage girls every Sunday and they often ask me that question.  The best way for me to break it down is that you have complete trust and know that he loves you beyond condition.  You know that with every fiber of your being.  That is the best way for me to describe “knowing”.

Once we were married Valentine’s Day sort of took a back seat to our anniversary.  But, now I have two new reasons to make Valentine’s Day memorable and they have also stolen my heart.  It is so much fun for me to make them homemade Valentine cards that express their personality to give to their friends, but I also love to give them cards that are unique for them.  Every Valentine’s Day morning I generally make some sort of fun and special treat that let’s them know they are dear to my heart.  I also like to pack a little something special in Graham’s lunch box.  Hey, I’ve got to be sentimental and mushy before he starts telling me to stop!

valentine card

I am one of those people that spends hours in the card section trying to find “the perfect” one for the person.  That’s just me.  This year I was able to do the browsing directly from the luxury of my own comfy bed.  It didn’t take me long to find the perfect card for my honey this year from  There were so many different chic choices that also expressed our sense of style and allowed me to personalize… oh how I LOVE to personalize!

Valentine Card for Kids

The same was true for the card I created for the boys.  I had cards created, verified and in the cart in about 5 minutes flat!  Now, if I had been at our local gift shop browsing through the stacks of cards you would probably still find me there… browsing… and thinking… and not personalizing.  This was the best option hands down! valentine

Great news!  You can still pick up your own Valentine’s Day card for $2.49 from now until 2/7 using code: CCA4312.  Get it!  Go now!  And welcome to your new card making obsession.  Yes, you are welcome.


This post was part of a campaign with Mom Central.  These precious cards were created by me and I adore them.  I received complimentary cards and a promotional item for my participation.  I can assure you that I would do it all again in a heart beat.  Go, personalized Valentine’s, Go!

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  1. My husband and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, so I don’t have to worry about it 🙂 I do agree that a man who isn’t afraid to show his emotions is very attractive 🙂

  2. Such a cute card!

  3. oh wow how fun for you! love the card and the infographic. and yes it IS ok to cry 🙂
    I’ll remember that if i don’t at least get a card this V. Day

  4. I haven’t even thought about Valentine’s Day yet this year. Thanks for reminding me that I need to get a card!

  5. Awe I love the card you made, it is adorable. I have heard that Cardstore makes it easy to make your own card, right? Happy early Valentine’s Day!!

  6. My husband and I don’t really celebrate the day as a couple, but we love to get our girls little gifts. I love the cards that you made! I am one who spends an obscene amount of time looking over the cards finding the perfect one too lol.

  7. I love the cards! We rarely celebrate valentine’s day – but cards are a cute idea!

  8. I love the card you created! Very simple but cute. My husband and I do acknowledge the holiday with dinner out or maybe small gifts. We also get a little something for the kiddos too.

  9. Tears of joy are my husband! I’ve only seen him cry TWICE. Once when our son was born, and the other from laughing so hard. I like that we can put our son and our pup on these personalized cards!

  10. I’m actually getting ready to make two cards for myself! I love making thoughtful cards for my husband and daughter!

  11. I love the personalized touch of your cards! Love that the process is so easy and fast to complete too!

  12. It’s pretty amazing that there’s still time to order them and have them arrive by V-day. Plus the designs are really cute!

  13. This looks fun and easy! It’s nice to find that perfect card without having to go out of your home and be able to make it more special by personalizing it.

  14. I love the deals offers! They really do have some of the best deals on shipped cards!

  15. I love cardstore! I find it surprising though that 9 of 10 men think it’s okay to cry. I guess my hubby’s that 1.

  16. Last year, I had personalized Valentines made with my son’s picture. They turned out so great and I want to do something similar again this year!

  17. I love personalized cards. These are so adorable!

  18. We always get our boys a few Valentine’s Day treats, but we have never ordered personalized cards. This may just be the year, however. These are adorable! You guys are so cute, by the way.

  19. that card you did with your names- that’s how my husband first told me he loved me- saying that a plane pullin a ribbon behind it said ‘joe loves brett”

    i was so taken aback and gushy i didn’t reply..

    and he felt like *thisbig*

    but it would be perfect

  20. I love this post! I was the same way – I just knew! I can’t wait to get cards for my kids.

  21. Thanks for the reminder to get my hunny a card. He doesn’t like to celebrate Valentines because he feels it’s to commercialized. But I still buy him a card lol

  22. I love that top card! It would make such a cute wedding announcement!

  23. Ahhhh so cute!!! Very cute couple and cards my dear 🙂

  24. i promised myself i would do new year cards but still haven’t gotten around to them. i’m going to look at these.

  25. These VAlentine’s DAy cards are so cute! I don’t usually send any, but I used to. I need to get back into the habit.

  26. I am so behind the curve so I appreciate the reminder. I love the selection of cards you shared and that one about crying is ok… hmm I like the new take there.

  27. What a great way to celebrate your love! And the pic looks so cute 🙂

  28. I love the cards. They are so creative.

  29. Love these cards. I should have done them this year and ran out of time.

  30. We are probably going to have a movie night! I want to make handmade cards this year.

  31. I like these cards. There is nothing like personalized cards to make someone’s day.

  32. We ONLY give personalized cards. They’re more.. personal? lol We love the cardstore.

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