Make Cool Whip Shapes for Hot Chocolate and Coffee

We are cozied up by the fire this afternoon and I am so glad it is finally time to break out the comfort foods, fuzzy socks, crocheted blankets and hot chocolate!  Graham really loves a great cup of hot chocolate by the fire almost as much as we love our favorite cup of coffee.  Here is a fun way to liven up those otherwise brown and boring cups of goodness and create a fun and sweet masterpiece!

cool whip shapes for hot chocolate

Cool Whip Shapes for Hot Chocolate and Coffee

First of all, let me say that this is a total trial and error task.  I purchased the Cool Whip in the bucket that was already in the freezer section.  Take a large clump of it and spread it out THICK onto a baking sheet or any flat surfaced dish.  Make sure to only make a small batch.  This stuff starts to melt quickly!  Once you’ve smoothed it out you will need to return it to the freezer for about 15-3o minutes.  The process of spreading it will cause it to thaw.

cut out shapes

Once it is refrozen you can take your favorite cookie cutter shape and create your hot chocolate toppings!  Work quick!  Make sure you beverage is already prepared because these will start to melt and thaw pretty quickly.  I love the fancy swirls it creates on the top as it starts to melt.  So much fun!  If you are pressed for time you can simply pile a scoop of frozen Cool Whip into the cookie cutter and push it out with your finger into the hot chocolate.

Happy cozy days to you!

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  1. Ok, that’s a super cute idea! Time to find the cookie cutters! =)

  2. This sure will put a smile on my daughters face! Thanks for the idea. Putting cool whip on my shopping list!

  3. I love this idea! And it’s simple enough for me to execute! Ha!

  4. what a cute idea love this thanks for sharing

  5. LOVE this idea!!!

  6. So sweet!

  7. My kids would have loved this last night when we had hot cocoa!

  8. What a great idea! I wonder if it would last longer in the cocoa if the shapes were refrozen???

  9. Very cute and fun idea!!!

  10. I have to try it!!! That was a great idea!

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