Little Shoes. Big Day!

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I’ve often wondered what it would be like to see life through the eyes of my always on the go three year old.  This kid loves life!  He loves to move and groove, he loves to be outside and he loves to snuggle.  That sweet Davis is full of surprises every day and I am so excited to see the plans the Lord has for him.

stride rite maxwell shoes

Those little shoes are his favorite.  They go everywhere his little feet travel and are often the object of compliments.  It is interesting to see just what style our kids will lean towards.  Both of my boys love boots in the winter which just reminds me of their adventurous spirits and sense of curiosity. We actually had a discussion about short boots just the other day and how practical they are.  This was with my 6 year old.  Davis just knows that they are comfortable and keep him moving!

Even though he is little his days are big!  He hits the ground running and doesn’t stop until he finally goes to sleep at night.  You can find him running with the dog, digging his heels into the sandbox, scooting along on his balance bike, or tapping his toes to the beat of his favorite music.  He loves to craft, cook, color, read and make up songs for his momma.  His heart is big and full of laughter and love for those around him.

His feet may be little.  His shoes may be small.  But his little hands and feet are growing each day and I don’t want to miss one little toe tap!

You can find Davis’s favorite Maxwell shoes over at Stride Rite.  They are part of the Medallion Collection and are precious in their own right.

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  1. Those are adorable! Makes me want a boy even more. My middle has these black boots that she wears often. They are her “sassy” boots and fit her personality to a tee.

  2. Those shoes are super cute! When my kids were a bit younger, I often bought Stride Rite shoes for them, but our local store closed and they’re not as easy to get my hands on anymore 🙁

  3. OH, those are adorable and they look durable – just right for little feet and big days! I miss the Stride Rite shoes – but little feet grow big…..and then, the big feet have big days!

  4. These shoes are too cute! I love Stride Rite. They have one in my local mall and I can never go shopping without stopping in. I really love that their shoes are durable and made well which makes them last a long long time. My daughter is growing like a weed too!

  5. Those shoes are so adorable. I hope they serve him well on his big days. We also love stride rite, my daughter has a few pairs of their Disney line.

  6. Stride Rite can be on the expensive side if you don’t have a coupon, but their shoes LAST and LAST. We always outgrow ours before they are worn out, which I love.

  7. What a stylish set of shoes! I cannot even fathom how many miles my kids walked when they were little. They are incredibly busy little creatures!

  8. we love stride rite shoes. i’ve purchased many pairs for all 3 of my kids !

  9. Those shoes are cute! My 3 year old usually prefers sneakers, which I think reflects his active nature.

  10. I have always loved, loved Stride Rite! Even when the boys were very small, I chose this brand over others. I’ve moved away from them recently, but maybe I need to revisit.

  11. I love those adorable shoes. They look like they definitely keep up with him!

  12. Those shoes are adorable! I liked Stride Rites because they were durable and could be passed down between my boys.

  13. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I love these handsome little shoes! My little guy would totally rock these! They are. Just like his daddy’s!

  14. Stride Rite is like old faithful. they can always be trusted to treat little feet right

  15. I love the perspective you took of seeing the world from your little one’s eyes, or is it feet? I personally love Stride Rite best of all the shoe companies and always get my daughter sneakers and most shoes from them.

  16. Aww sweet little Davis is growing up so fast!! Love those adorable little shoes and love that He’s walking in the path of God even from a young age xoxo

  17. I have a little one just like that – never stops going!! However, he almost always wears mismatched shoes! Drives me crazy!! LOL. I need to get him a pair that he loves so he’ll just go for that pair.

  18. Those shoes are really cute. My little guy is almost 6 now but I still have fun buying him shoes.

  19. My son likes to hit the ground running too and I do not want to miss a thing!

  20. Adorable. My daughter is the same way. She never stops until she passes out at night.

  21. Shoes are SO important when they’re at that age, not having the right protection can really damage their feet for later in life. These shoes look like they’re sturdy and offer lots of good protection, I’ll have to tell my sister-in-law about them for my nephew.

  22. Those are adorable! It’s not often that you find a cute little shoe for boys. I know I had a hard time finding them when my boys were younger

  23. Those are too cute! Its always nice when kids like what they are putting on, it makes getting ready so much easier.

  24. Both my kids were always in stride rite shoes when learning to walk. Loved how they never wore out or looked sloppy. Great brand!


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