Wordless Wednesday: The #LittleGreenTruckProject and weird weather…






Since I can remember, Matthew has wanted a truck project for him and the boys.  Well, 2 weeks ago he got his wish!  It really was a very cool way in which we found the truck and it just seemed to feel like ours.  So, we are currently making memories rebuilding the Little Green Truck!  We’ve also been receiving some weird weather that all involves beautiful weekends and random snow throughout the week.  I’m not complaining!  The weekends are cherished around here.  Graham wanted to document Little Green’s “first snow”.  So cute!

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  1. What a cool truck! I’m looking forward to seeing that project progress! 🙂

  2. What a fun project for all of your boys! This will definitely be an experience none of them will ever forget.

  3. I love this, can’t wait to hear how the project progresses!

  4. That sounds like a great thing to have – the truck that is. I read in the paper that fixing cars, trucks and vans is needed. Car Mechanics make good money, and often times they pay for a lot of your schooling. They are so needed. I know your boys may not end up doing that for a living, but it’s just interesting to know.

    Our weather has been crazy like to! In fact it snowed last night (just stuck to the grass), but it was 55 degrees yesterday.

    • YOu are very right. Car mechanics make a pretty good living if they know what they are doing. I am so ready for this weather to be spring-like all the time!

  5. Great shots! Can’t wait to see how the trucks come along! The boys are going to love doing that with Dad!

  6. The pictures have a nostalgic feel to them today. I like it!

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