Little Ears are Listening

Yesterday morning as we were driving to school Graham asked if I would play the song that had just finished playing one more time.  It was the song “Center of It” from Chris August’s new album The Upside of Down.

“This is my favorite song!”

“Why is that?” I asked wondering what kind of answer I might get from him.

“Well, I like that it is talking about the good and the bad,” he informed me.

“Can you explain a little more?” this had me intrigued.

“Mom, this song is telling us that God is there no matter if it is something good or bad.  No matter what he is there.”

Melt. My Heart.

And then I started to think about what he just said and how his little five year old heart could comprehend the message coming across from this 30 year old man.  Even more, that he had been listening to what the words were actually saying.  Granted, I have always said that Graham is like a 40 year old man in a kids body, but the reality is that our kids are listening.  They are listening to the songs we listen to, to the words we say and even the messages that come across from our actions.

chris august upside of down

Our family chooses to listen to positive music for many reasons, but this is one of the main!  I love Chris August and now I am even more in love with him because his music is influencing my children for the better.  If you want to check him out his album is now available in iTunes and stores and is loaded with encouraging songs that uplift and move you beyond yourself.

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  1. AMEN!!! First off LOVE him and his music, we only listen to Christian music in my car. I made a change a few years back when Cole started to sing the songs back and I thought this is not a good thing for him to be repeating. I love there are so many positive songs and sings that the boys can listen to and I don’t have to hide my face if they sing something from a different station.

    Great post, way to go mom!!

  2. Such a great reminder and not only for kids but for adults as well! Whether we realize it or not what we listen to makes an impact on our lives…both good and bad!

  3. They certainly are, I see thinks my sons do that they seen me doing and saying.

  4. That is so awesome! My nephew is the same way. He’s a little old man in a child’s body.

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