Joovy Caboose Too Seat

You may remember my review of the Joovy Caboose Ultralight several months ago.  We first used it on our trip to Disney and have since been using it on our numerous trips to Dollywood.  The Caboose Ultralight was the perfect option for us because our boys are 3.5 years apart.  Graham is too big for a standard stroller, but he still gets tired in the parks and on different trips we take throughout the year.


If you were ever wondering if the Caboose would be right for you because your kids were so close in age, there is now a solution that answers that question with “yes!”.  Joovy has created the Caboose Too Seat that turns your stroller into a compact double stroller.  Again, this would not be good for older kids, but if you have kids that are only 2 years apart this is a fantastic idea.

The Caboose Too attaches to the platform/seat portion of the back.  Just snap the seat on over the handle bars and base and you have a 5-point harnessed seat in just a few minutes.  Now your Caboose is a traditional double stroller, but still has the light weight and flat folding component.  I think this is a genius idea from Joovy!  Again, this would be for smaller children as they would need to fit behind the front seat (shorter legs).  As your children grow older you can remove the seat and use the platform and standing position of the stroller.  What a great way to extend the life of an already wonderful product.

Joovy Caboose Too

Joovy Caboose Too

Joovy Caboose Too Stroller

You can purchase the Joovy Caboose Too Seat for $69.99 from the website.  The Caboose Too is available in colors to match your existing stroller.

This product was provided free of charge by Joovy. These are my honest opinions on the product. I do not post reviews on products I can not stand behind. Please see my Terms of Use for more info.

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  1. This is so wonderful! Wish we have one for our kids. Our little man could surely use the kaboose. 🙂 He likes to walk as well, but he gets tired during our trips or while exploring places. Would love one! 🙂

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