Joovy BicycooBMX Balance Bike Review

Whoever first thought of the balance bike was a genius!  If you are a parent who has ever tried to teach a child how to ride a bike going from training wheels then you have probably experienced a little frustration in either yourself or your child.  Granted, there are a few kids who automatically pick up on riding a bike, but for so many, it takes time.  We were sent the Joovy BicycooBMX Balance Bike for review last week and it has been such a great balance bike for Davis (almost 3 years old).

joovy bicycoobmx balance bike

The balance bike is essentially a bike without pedals.  The idea is to teach the child how to balance without training wheels so that they can go straight from this to riding a big bike with pedals and no training wheels.  Once the child becomes comfortable they will start to lift their feet off the ground and coast.  It really is amazing to watch!

joovy balance bike

Davis had a balance bike previous to this that slowly but surely busted apart because it was made of wood.  When I saw the BicycooBMX from Joovy I was immediately impressed with the quality and construction of the product.  It is lightweight (7.25 pounds) and has an aluminum frame.  I’m glad that this bike will hold up longer to the outdoor elements and the rough and tumble of my little boy!  I feel so much more secure with him on this bike.

The seat is adjustable so much that I feel like he could easily ride this past age 4.  The weight limit is 66 pounds which means it should work for most young children (my 6 year old is only 43 pounds).  Probably my favorite feature is the hand brake for the rear tire.  Now, not only is he learning how to balance, but how to operate a brake that will likely be on a bigger bike when he is ready!  You may be thinking that your young child would not be able to figure out the brake, but Davis had it working by day 3!

joovy bicycoobmx review

We also love the fact that the tires are refillable and like regular bicycle tires.  Other balance bikes have tires that are plastic and wear out quickly.  The Joovy BicycooBMX Balance Bike feels so much like a real bike that your little one will be infatuated with it (especially if they have an older sibling with a big bike).

Overall, we are completely impressed with this balance bike.  Davis is smitten with it.  I actually just caught him staring at it longingly through the window as it rained.  Poor fella!  You can purchase the Joovy BicycooBMX Balance Bike for $139.99 at  It is worth every penny in my opinion.

This product was sent free of charge for review.  These are my honest ideas and opinions on the product.  I do not post reviews on items I cannot stand behind.  Please see my terms of use for more info.

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  1. Such a great thing to own! Mica just started riding this year. You read that right. He’s 8, and wouldn’t ride a bike until now.

  2. I so wish we would have started with one of these for our girls. They are way too dependent on their training wheels.

    Maybe #3 and #4 will start with one.

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