I’m Like You, You’re Like Me: Teaching Diversity to Kids

Being the mother of a kindergartner means hearing a constant comparison of just about anything and everything daily.  “Mom, I’m taller than Davis because I am older.”  “My legs are longer so I can run faster than Davis.” and the list goes on.  I know that he recently got into a little bit of a fight with a friend at school because the friend wrote a higher number than him!  The competitive nature and comparing has only started and it is our responsibilities as parents to make sure he sees differences, yet how we are all so similar.  Not only that, but acceptance of the fact that others may be better at some things than him and vice versa.

I'm Like You, You're Like Me book for kids about diversity

The new book from Free Spirit, “I’m Like You, You’re Like Me” by Cindy Gainer, is a great one for preschool and elementary school aged kids for teaching about diversity.  The book is beautifully illustrated with kids from all types of ethnicity, different skin tones, hair color and heights.  There are great tips in the book in order for parents and educators to use to start a discussion about diversity and differences as well.  I also appreciate that the book ends with the fact that even though we are all alike in many ways, it’s our differences that make us unique and special.   Being “not exactly the same” is a great reason to like another person!

Another great touch to this book is the black terrier pup, Twiggy, who is found in the pages.  Kids can have fun spotting him throughout the book!

You can purchase “I’m Like You, You’re Like Me” in soft cover for about $9.99 from Free Spirit.

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