I’m Helping Shout Reprogram America for Fun! {Digital Camera & Shout Prize Pack Giveaway}

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I’m always preaching that the small changes are the ones that are important.  We all have to start somewhere right?  So, while I may not be completely changing the world in one fell swoop, I am excited to be working with Shout® on a fun campaign that is all about living life, creativity and getting messy (Shhh… don’t tell my husband about the messy part.  He might need to hide)!

playing in mud

You see, my philosophy is that if the kids aren’t breaking anything and it will not harm them, why not let them have a little fun?  It is a concept that my husband is slowly starting to embrace.  Although, he would still rather sit beside the 5 year old at dinner instead of the toddler, hmm… I wonder why?    It is the very reason I let this “mud explosion” happen this summer (picture above) and why many more messy occasions are in store this fall.

In my opinion, kids learn by getting messy.  Just last week, Davis (age 2) was enjoying his first bowl of soup.  Soup is one of our fall favorites and he was eager to join in with the family.  For those of you who have toddlers you know that watching them eat with utensils is a bit like watching a one man food fight where there will be no winners.  That is, unless you judge the winner based upon how messy he gets.  In that case, DING DING DING!  Davis wins hands down as well as the lucky dinner guest seated beside him.  But, in those moments of messiness he is learning.  Not only is he figuring out a necessary life skill, but he is finding out about all of the goodness that is in each bite!  To see things for the first time again would be amazing don’t you think?!

So it is with great pleasure that I will be partnering with Shout® over the next few months to share tips and ideas on how to embrace life  and spend time connecting and creating memories (while getting messy)!  If you head over to the Shout® Facebook page you will find the “Reprogramming America for Fun” app that integrates your name, profile and photos into a short video that encourages living life out loud.  It really is a fun app that is worth sharing with your friends and family.  Who doesn’t love a little pie in the face anyway?

shout reprogramming america for fun app

Shout® is working with mom and Olympian Jennie Finch who has a few great tips to share on how to reprogram your daily routine.  Here is a great one to focus on this month:

Unplug from Electronics – We all have our favorite TV shows, iPad apps and video games that can easily occupy weeknights. Make a commitment to take at least 30 minutes each day to unplug the whole family from their favorite gadgets and spend some quality time together doing a fun and creative activity. Encourage the whole family to go outside and get dirty! Fresh air is invigorating and allows children to run freely without the worry of knocking over breakables or bumping into furniture. Shout® Wipes ensure you can clean up stains on the go so everyone can get the most out of life and still look their best.

Now in honor of living life out loud, one lucky Go Graham Go reader will win a Shout prize pack which includes: 

A digital camera to capture experiences,

Shout® trigger and Shout® wipes, 

Tools to create your own scare crow, 

Shout® branded apron for crafting

Here’s How to Win:

1. Go to the Shout’s Reprogramming America Facebook app (http://on.fb.me/PIsrLv) and click on the Get Reprogrammed button to create your own custom “Reprogramming America for Fun” video. Then leave a comment on this blog post answering the question, “What changes will you make to seize the moment (even if it means getting messy) and live life out loud?”
This giveaway ends 11/19 at 5pm PT.   Click here for Official Rules
 This post is part of a sponsored series for Shout®.  The ideas and writing are my own (except for tips shared from Jennie).  Please see my Terms of Use for more info.
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  1. I will try to enjoy the messy things like rain showers instead of avoiding them because mess that that is sure to follow, like mud on the floor and and clothing. (Your boys look like they are having so much fun!)

  2. Karen Medlin says:

    Get the kids baking more in the kitchen, even if they get messy with the frosting and sprinkles!

  3. I would embrace life’s little messes! It is what makes life worth living!!

  4. challenging myself and going out of my comfort zone

  5. I guess mine would be to let my kids have fun and know that messes can be cleaned up. Whether it’s baking together or playing in the rain. You only live once.http://apps.facebook.com/522812571067882?app_data=3489

  6. Betty Baez says:

    That video was soo much fun the kids enjoyed it with me. I guess for me i can liberate myself by not worrying about the messes and jump right into them plan a day of finger painting outside and just go wild. I guess im too uptight when it comes to the kids rolling in the mud outside but im learning that its okay!!!

  7. Vickie Couturier says:

    that was fun,Id love to play in the mud with the grandkids an just have fun an not worry about cleaning up afterward,,thats what water hoses are for,lol

  8. I will enjoy the less than sunny weather and puddle jump with my children! I will also allow my sons to play in mud because its truly fun.

  9. I will finally not stress so much about the little messes in life that my daughter creates and allow her the chance to do more things freely without having to stress about a little something on her clothes or the floor!

  10. Let kids be kids and have fun, messes can always be cleaned later

  11. The video was pretty neat..I should be more lenient on doing paints. My son loves to paint but i hate the mess.. I will say I do always ALWAYS have a bottle of shout available! and it gets used often!

  12. Wanda McHenry says:

    I will start running and jumping through the leaves with my dog as my husband rakes!

  13. Jamie Brigham says:

    I will try and communicate more with my family , we haven’t seen eye to eye for many years. I also want to try and get along with my ex-husband for our children’s sake.

  14. Playing in the rain comes to mind… it’s always so… messy. I also love the idea of letting my son be a kid (when he’s a bit older… as 8 months is still young) and exploring outside. We’re also a big hiking family, so we’d love to take him to explore and that just might bring in some dirt!

  15. I will join in the messy fun instead of just watching my kids do it. They love puddles, mud, paint, etc!

  16. Try to live in the moment instead of thinking about the downsides to whatever messy fun we’re doing!

  17. Jennifer Marie says:

    I am going to let the kids play and play hard even if it means I have to presoak some clothes! 🙂

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