I Think We May Have a Daniel Tiger Addiction #NetflixKids #streamteam

Every morning goes pretty much the same in this house.  I am generally not ready to wake up, Matthew is up at the crack of dawn because of Davis, and Graham will get up and get his self ready.  No matter what day of the week is it, Davis follows the same routine.  He jumps in our bed and immediately asks the same question, “May I watch Daniel Tiger?”

Daniel Tiger Mask

I could probably sing just about every encouraging song that little tiger sings on the show.  I can sing you the “You Can Take a Turn, and Then I’ll Get it Back” song if you are having a hard time sharing.  Can’t make a decision?  That’s ok, because I can sing “Stop, Think and Choose!” and by the end you better have a decision made by golly!  A little bit of patience a problem?  No worries.  Daniel and I have a song for that too.  It’s called, “When you Wait, You Can Play, Sing or Imagine Anything”.

Yes, there is a lesson and song for everything and my youngest son is absolutely taken by that fluffy guy in the red hoodie.  He is so into it all that I’ve even tried to scope out some trolley jammies for him.  It looks like for now I’ll have to settle for the red hoodie.  We also happen to live in a tourist town that boasts our very own trolleys.  It might be time for a little Asheville history to go along with our trolley obsession.  I’ve also started gathering ideas for a Daniel Tiger themed birthday when September rolls along.  Oh, the fun we can have with this one!

Keep Calm and Ugga Mugga Daniel Tiger

How about you?  Do you have a little one who is Daniel Tiger addicted?  I can honestly say that this is one show I am happy to let him watch over and over again.  This new found Daniel Tiger obsession is brought to you by Netflix.  We just scroll straight to Netflix Kids on our Roku and there is Daniel Tiger pretty as a picture waiting to be clicked to watch an entire season.  We love you Netflix,  Ugga Mugga!

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  1. My 14yo daughter could use the “Stop, Think and Choose!” song, she has such a hard time making decisions. It’s great that Netflix has so many great kids shows streaming, now there’s always something good on.

  2. I guess this show never came across my radar.My kids are big into Curious George and Sesame Street

  3. My four year old daughter loves Daniel Tiger!! She tells me “Ugga Mugga” all the time! 🙂

  4. Oh boy, I have never even heard of Daniel Tiger. I think it’s because my kids are a bit older and we have moved on to Disney XD shows now.

  5. What a great initiative by Netflix. There separate kids programming is helpful to parents!

  6. I love that Netflix has so many great choices for kids! Mine aren’t into Daniel the Tiger, but they love watching SuperWhy!

  7. Oh boy, can’t say that we do…as we’ve not heard of him. cute though – we don’t do Netflix, but I here great things about it!

  8. Davey loves Daniel the Tiger…he has mastered Netflix on my phone.

  9. I have never even heard of Daniel Tiger, but obviously I am going to have to check him out! I’m sure my boys would love him. Your early bird sounds just like ours…

  10. The little tiger mask is so cute! My girls love Daniel Tiger too!

  11. This looks like such a cute show! I’ll have to put it on when my niece is over.

  12. I’ve never heard of Daniel Tiger, but I know all about trying to please a child with accessories from an obscure tv show. We love Octonauts!

  13. Awww Daniel Tiger looks adorable! I haven’t seen the show yet, but it looks perfect for the little ones! Totaly Netflix fan, about to go watch some right now actually 😉

  14. My son loves Daniel Tiger too. We use Netflix too and he also likes the Leap Frog show – and he’s been watching The Croods on repeat all week long!

  15. What a cute face mask. My kids love Daniel Tiger.

  16. Oh we love Daniel too! Even my youngest, who is still in diapers, sings the potty song when her brother goes to the bathroom!

  17. I LOVE Daniel and all of this awesome songs. We use them often when going thru transitions.

  18. Isaak really liked that show last year. Now that he’s in Kindergarten he doesn’t get to watch it.

  19. my daughter would love an ugga mugga shirt or something like the above print she loves daniel tiger and tells me ugga mugga before school

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