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Believe it or not, it took me a while to really trust purchasing online.  Now I find it to be convenient and often a great way to save money.  With Christmas upon us so many merchants are offering Free Shipping which has made shopping in my jammies that much more appealing!  The worst part about shopping online is entering in all of that information and then hoping that what you are doing is secure.  At least, this is the part that bothers me the most.  I have sometimes ended a transaction because the website loads to slowly when I’m trying to enter that information.  I guess I just take it as a sign that I don’t need that particular item!

So, when Daily Buzz Moms told me about a new service being offered by Visa I was anxious to try it out for myself.  I have a few friends who love to browse online but just can’t bring themselves to make a purchase.  I think the service will be a game changer for them!  I was able to use on an online purchase a few weeks ago and it was seamless.

I choose to shop on the website {one of the merchants that carries}.  I love to buy pretty new things for my kitchen when given the opportunity and on this particular day I was on a mission for a lovely little cake stand.  First I headed over to the website to set up my secure account.  It took me just minutes to enter all of my information and save an account.  I then headed over to the website and picked out the perfect cake stand and headed to checkout.

Once I was at checkout I was given the option on the right hand side to use

I clicked the link and it took me to a pop up screen that asked me to either create a account or to sign in.


Once I signed in I was prompted to review my payment info as well as my shipping address.

After I clicked “continue” I was taken back to the website in order to confirm my purchase.  It was simple and took a lot less time than me filling in all of my information.

The account protects your information by not displaying your entire card number.  Your information is also protected behind multiple layers of security.  It allows you to use not just Visa cards but all major credit cards and you still earn your regular rewards on them.  If you use a Visa card you will benefit from real time emails or text alerts when you make a purchase.  In the future they will have mobile payment options as well as budget tracking.  The best part is that there is no fee associated with the account!

cake stand

I think the cake stand is quite perfect and evidently so does Elf Grover!

This post is brought to you by by Visa. Online payment. Simple and secure.

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  1. I love secure ways to pay online!

  2. This a great way to make sure I m protected while shopping this holiday season! Thanks!

  3. You know how busy I am! Any way to save me some time, especially during the month of December is awesome. Thanks for the helpful information in this post!

  4. What a great way to know your online purchases are secure! Thanks for sharing!

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