How To Make Tissue Paper Pom Poms for Party Decorations

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We just celebrated Davis’s second birthday last week.  I generally do not throw large parties (with a big crowd) but I do like to decorate for the few close family members and friends we have over.  This year his party was a tractor theme and I decided to add a few tissue paper pom poms to give it an even more fun feel.  The original idea was to hang these from the bottom of the playhouse so that they would dangle over the sandbox where the kids would be playing.  That idea was quickly scratched and they were moved indoors above the dinning room table when Davis got extremely sick the day of the party.  Sadly, the party was cancelled, but I still made things bright and fun for my sick little birthday boy!

So, if you have ever wondered how to make these cute decorations here is an easy DIY tutorial that anyone can follow.  They literally take minutes to make and can be cut and arranged in several different styles in order to create the look you want.

What You Will Need:

  • About 8-12 sheets of tissue paper per pom pom
  • A few pieces of string, wire, yarn, fishing line or twine
  • Scissors


  1. Fold your tissue paper accordion style length wise. fold tissue paper
  2. Fold your tissue paper in half to form a crease. crease paper
  3. Using scissors, trim the end of the paper to create the shape you would like (triangle for star look, rounded for flower look, etc). cut paper
  4. Use the string/wire/fishing line and tie it tightly across the center crease you created.  Make sure the tissue paper is gathers. sting on paper
  5. Fan out one side of the tissue paper and start spreading the papers apart.  Be careful!  They rip easily.
  6. Repeat this process for the other side until you have the pom pom shaped nice and full.
  7. Attach more string and hang the pom poms from the ceiling or anywhere you need to add a little fun! tissue paper pom pom

For even more ideas head to Today’s Creative Blog!

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  2. Those are just too cute and pretty darn simple to make!

  3. I just love Paper Pom Poms. They’re so fun and you can use them after the party in a kid’s room – super cute.

  4. Too Cute!! We made small ones when we did the mother’s day picture to look like the boys were holding flowers out to the person. I’m going have to make these for a party!!

  5. Great tutorial and so sorry he got sick! That just isn’t fair to be sick on your birthday!

  6. I love making these I made red flower ones for my daughter’s ladybug birthday party


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