How To Make Pinwheels: Patriotic Pinwheels for July 4th!

*A re-post worth sharing!

This craft was inspired by my 21 month old Davis.  He is such a curious little guy and he absolutely adores pinwheels.  He loves to blow on them and watch them spin and he loves bright colors.  With July 4th right around the corner I wanted to create a fun craft that reminded me of my family as well as the glorious independence of our country!  So, we headed to Michael’s and picked up the supplies for these Patriotic Pinwheels.  Davis selected the star paper which turned out perfect!  It was like he knew all abou the stars and stripes (er.. polka dots).

There are many different variations of this project and you absolutely do not need to use two pieces of paper like we did.  My suggestion is to use what you have on hand and make this a fun project for the family.  It really is very simple and each pinwheel only takes a matter of a few minutes once you have it figured out.

What you will need:

  • Square shaped paper with fun designs
  • brads
  • single hole punch
  • scissors
  • straws or a dowel rod to attach the pinwheels to.
  • hot glue if you are gluing the pinwheels… more on that later.

1. Place your two pieces of paper on top of each other (if only using one just lay flat).
2. Fold the paper into a triangle.

3. Repeat this process and fold into a smaller triangle.

4. Snip the end of the triangle off in order to create a hole in the middle.

5. Unfold the triangle and cut each crease about 75% to the hole in the middle.

6. Holding your paper in front of you, punch a single hole in the upper right corner or each individual triangle.  I simply turn the paper as I go so that I am punching only the right side.

7. Bring the punched holes to the center hole and attach a brad through in order to secure.

8.  If you want a pinwheel that spins then the easiest thing to do is to punch the brad through a paper straw and clasp.  If you are doing this more for decoration you can always just hot glue the brad to the straw, dowel rod or another stick.

These would be an excellent idea for birthday parties as well as baby showers!  I loved making them and the boys are enjoying the entertainment.

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  1. Those are super cute and would make perfect decorations for Fourth of July.

  2. Betty Baez says:

    These are adorable! definitely going to head to michaels this weekend

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