How to Make a Mayflower Craft for Thanksgiving

The amount of time we spend visiting coffee joints has led to many, many coffee sleeves.  Like any good crafter, I save just about anything cardboard with an interesting shape because we could always put it to use one day, right?!  So, with that said here comes a fun an easy craft using items you probably already have on hand.  You could even use these as fun place cards for your kid guests!

mayflower craft

What you will need:

Coffee sleeve

Egg carton cut

White card stock

Hot glue

2 straws

Whole punch


Sharpie marker

mayflower supplies


First you will need to detach the coffee sleeve so that you can turn it inside out.  Hot glue it together so that the cardboard part shows.

coffee sleeve

Cut an egg carton so that you have two “prongs” sticking up.  You will need to trim around the edges.  The two prongs are going to hold your straws.

egg carton

Squeeze your egg carton into the coffee sleeve (pinch it together and then let it go once inserted).

egg carton coffee filter

Cut 3 different rectangles making one very large, one medium and the other small.  Punch holes in the bottom and top of each of these.

rectangle sails

Slide the sails you just created over the straws.  Place the straws into the holes in the egg carton (you may need to make the holes bigger with scissors).


Write names on the front sail and place on the table!

Looking for another fun craft idea that is quick and easy?  How about this super simple Pine Cone Turkey?  Too cute!  You can find instructions over at iCraft.

pine cone turkey craft

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  1. What cute ideas!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Oh aren’t those the cutest things?? That’s actually a great idea that I could use to keep the kiddos busy while I’m trying to cook on Thanksgiving.

  3. Oh I love this!!!m

  4. My son will love doing this thanks!

  5. Betty Baez says:

    LOVE this!!!


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