How to Make a Christmas Card Wreath

Thanksgiving is over and the influx of Christmas cards is about to begin.  I love the variety of cards we receive every year and I often find that we are running out of room on the fridge, mantle and entertainment center to display them.  My favorites are the family portraits.  I adore them!  So, this year I decided to get on board with the Christmas Card Wreath deal I’ve been seeing in the stores, at friend’s homes and on Pinterest.  If you look around you will see several different variations of this project, but you know me, I just use what I have on hand.  So, here is how I created this simple card wreath that I am excited to hang on our new chalkboard wall (whenever that gets painted).  My husband informed me today that he likes the projects that do not involve his help.  So, I guess this one is a winner?!  Honey, are you ready to let me paint the kitchen wall by myself yet?  He swears I am messy.  Pssh.

how to make a christmas card wreath

What you will need:

  • One large, flat floral wreath (they are about $2 at Michael’s)
  • Last year’s wrapping paper (you only need a few scraps of it)
  • Mod Podge
  • Small sponge paint brush
  • about 14-16 clothes pins
  • hot glue gun
  • Xacto knife
  • Scissors


Take a large sheet of wrapping paper and lay it down flat.  Make sure you have just enough for your wreath to fit onto. {Turn on the Christmas music}.

Cover one side of the wreath with Mod Podge and lay onto the wrapping paper.

Allow it a few minutes to dry {long enough to dance to Jingle Bell Rock} and using an xacto knife cut around the edges.

Trace one of your clothes pins on another sheet of wrapping paper and use it as a pattern to cut out how ever many clothes pins you have {now is not the time to be perfectionists ya hear?!}.

Paint Mod Podge on one side of the clothes pin and place the paper on top (repeat process for the rest of the clothes pins).

Hot glue your clothes pins around the wreath alternating the way they face (clip in, clip out, clip in, etc).

Now you are ready to display your Christmas cards in style and spruce up your house with a little festiveness!

Ready. Set. Send me your Christmas cards.  I’m ready.


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