How Did You Find Out Your Were Pregnant? #ClearblueConfirmed

I was just asking Matthew tonight if he remembers what he was feeling when we first found out we were going to have a baby. He didn’t miss a beat when he said he felt surprised and excited!  Like many other couples our age, we were “trying” to have a baby so it wasn’t a complete shock, but still a feeling of surprise, wonder and excitement for me.


It was about 7 years ago that we took that first positive pregnancy test.  Before that one there were a few negative because I just “knew” I was pregnant but I guess I was taking the tests too soon.  Technology was pretty advanced even 7 years ago with the tests that were predicting pregnancy before your missed period but I still must have taken it too soon.  I waited until I “missed my period” and the test was positive!  I will never forget the feeling of watching those lines turn pink!  It was wonderful!  I called to Matthew who was in the shower and he rushed out to see.  We were thrilled!

I thought and still think that pregnancy test technology is absolutely amazing!  If you have been there before you know how the “waiting game” can seem like forever.  Any technological breakthrough on finding out faster is a true gift to mothers-to-be.

clearblue advantage weeks estimator

Enter a brand new type of pregnancy test from Clearblue called the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test with Weeks Estimator.  Not only does this test let you know if you are expecting or not, but it also estimates how many weeks along you are!  This would have really come in handy the first time around with me.  All I had to go on was my memory which wasn’t very accurate according to the first ultrasound that showed no baby.  Luckily, when we went back 2 weeks later we saw the baby and heard the heart beat.

The new Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test with Weeks Estimator is about 93% accurate in estimating the number of weeks and 99% accurate from expected period in detecting pregnancy.  These results come from testing the hCG levels in the urine.  I can see this coming in handy when calling the doctor to set up those first appointments.  Many women know how far along they are, but for women who were either not “trying” or who have irregular periods, this will be a great help.

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So, how did you find out you were pregnant?  I would love to hear your story!

This post is part of a sponsorship with BabyCenter and Clearblue.

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  1. It’s fascinating to me how quickly it can be confirmed these days! I saved my positive pregnancy test for the longest time, but then I started thinking that was a little gross so I threw it out. lol

  2. I found out right before Thanksgiving with Mica. I had to tell everyone. I know that’s bad. What if I were to of had a miscarriage? Then I’d have to back peddle. We were trying. I just knew, and the line was faint, and 1/2 in there. I was dizzy a lot with him. So much so, that I fainted in the shower. That scared me so bad. We told everyone in a holiday card. I didn’t blurt it out. I just had Travis and I as nutcracker ornaments on the tree. Inside my belly was a little drummer nutcracker. I’m not sure everyone caught on.

  3. My body just started acting different. I am so in tuned with myself that when I missed a period, I was ON IT!! I felt tired and that was totally not normal! All three times I took a dollar store pregnancy test and they were right!

  4. I think I had intuition, I just woke up one day and thought something was off, that I might be pregnant! I found out I was pregnant when I was only two weeks along!

  5. We were trying every time, so I just knew…but always took a test to confirm it!

  6. It’s fun enough just seeing the little positive sign; this test would have made it all even more thrilling. Like you, I’m completely impressed with pregnancy test technology. Very cool!

  7. Those are really good accuracy ratings. It’s amazing how early pregnancy can now be detected by home tests.

  8. I was really really sick, and thought it was food poisoning or an allergic reaction to some coconut. We weren’t planning on starting a family, so it was a big shock when that cheap Target-branded stick came back positive! It’s amazing to me how much technology has changed since then.

  9. Both times, I felt like I just “knew”. We used Clearblue Digital tests each time because the lines made me too paranoid – it was like, “Do you see a line?! I think I do, but maybe not…” Having a digital yes or no made it so much easier!

  10. My husband knew I was pregnant before I did… with both pregnancies! I apparently have an attitude problem when I’m pregnant (along with super human smell). He was the one who made me take the pregnancy test!

  11. We were trying for a long time and when I saw “pregnant” on the little screen I cried and my hubby came in to console me because he thought it was yet another negative test, but not that time. We stayed all night talking and planning for our new bundle of joy!

  12. With our first child, we thought we couldn’t have children so when the doctor told me I was pregnant I told her she had my file mixed up with someone else!

  13. I loved reading everyone’s stories! Some are so funny, others sweet and charming! The technology has come such a long way!

  14. I’ll never forget! With my son, I thought I took the test wrong because nothing showed up so I threw it away. A few hours later my husband was emptying the bathroom trash and saw the positive!

    With my twins, I tested WAY early because we were trying {like 2 weeks before I should have!} and it came up a faint positive. I didn’t believe it and tested again a week later – my husband was shocked!

  15. I remember like yesterday! I suspected! But forced myself to wait until the next morning for that first morning urine! LOL I actually did use a digital clearblue easy because I didn’t want to have to guess!

  16. my first 4 pregnancies were were doing fertility treatments so while exciting, not shocking. with kiddo #3 (i had 2 m/c) i took the test to prove my husband wrong. hahahah. i was wrong. and i have the most wonderful little 4 year old ever to thank for that !

  17. I found out when I was really sick and they took the test at my doctor’s office.

  18. I was dealing with an onset of chronic hives after we returned from our honeymoon. I was struggling with them getting worse and went to my gp for help. I had one final Rx to try, but it was super strong with side effects, we talked about the poss of me being pregnant, and she told me we can check right now with blood work just to be sure. It was Feb 13th when she called to tell me the results were positive. 5 min later a florist delivered a dozen red roses for V’day from my husband. They arrived a day early but the timing could not have been more perfect. I called my husband to tell him the news and his exact words were…”Are you effing serious? Wow!” I just about died laughing. 🙂

  19. I remember when I first took the test and was SO nervous with excitement and hope. Those were the longest minutes till I found out. Good to know that the new Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy kit is helping couples find out sooner accurately.

  20. I found out I was pregnant with Becca, my second, while my husband and I were both in the ER receiving IV fluids from a raging stomach virus. After the blood work came back the nurse came in and said “Your white count is up so it is a virus, nothing to do with your pregnancy.” I told her I was not pregnant, in fact I had just had a baby and he was only 6 months old. She told me the blood test doesn’t lie. My husband was in the next room freaking out. It is really nice that Clearblue identifies a pregnancy so early. Always nice to start prenatal care early.

  21. With my first two pregnancies, they were kind of planned so I was hoping for a missed period. My last child was a total surprise but also my son!

  22. With both kids, I took about 20 pregnancy tests LOL. I was obsessed with finding out! I love that the new Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test tells you how many weeks pregnant you are. Very cool feature!

  23. With my last 2 pregnancies. I knew, right away, by 4 weeks that I was pregnant. I have very severe symptoms.

  24. I was trying all three times. I think that I just knew that I was pregnant, but I think I found out when I was about 4 weeks along or so.

  25. We bought pregnancy test and there were two in one pack. I used one and used the remaining one to made it sure that I was positively pregnant!

  26. I was super sick, apparently with bronchitis and sinusitis, and went to the doctor to get some relief. They did the standard urinalysis and came in to tell me , “Did you know you were pregnant?” I felt so bad all I could say was, “Does this mean you’re not going to give me a shot, or some medicine?” Later it hit me and my husband and we were thrilled but, yeah, I didn’t get any medicine that day and was really bummed!

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