Halloween Spider Craft

*Repost from 10/4/10

Here is a fun idea I adapted from Disney FamilyFun.  I love this because it is simple and involves products that you already should have on hand.  If you don’t have these items, they are cheap to purchase (my kind of craft).  Graham had a lot of fun doing the parts of this project that he could.

Egg Carton Spiders



What you will need:

  • Old egg carton
  • black acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • hole punch
  • black pipe cleaners
  • tape or glue

Cut the cups out of your egg carton and paint them black.  Let them dry completely.  Use your hole punch to punch out two small holes for eyes near the top and four holes along each side (8 total).  Fold two pipe cleaners in half and cut.  Place the pipe cleaners through each corresponding leg hole (so that one piece creates two legs…actually Graham’s idea!).  Use the tape or glue to secure the legs on the inside (I placed tape across the middle and on each side to keep the legs from slipping).  Bend the legs so that they look like a spider.

This would be a great idea for decorating tables or hanging from ceilings for Halloween parties.  Follow the instructions on the Disney FamilyFun page to create spiders that are lighted (involves the purchase of battery operated tealights).

UPDATE: Here is a photo from Kristie of Kristie’s Notes who tried this craft with her kids!  Check out how they used them!

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  1. Cute idea! love the picture of them hanging!

  2. Your spiders turned out very cute.

  3. This was such a neat project to do with the kiddos! We still have them and hang them in the same place each year. 🙂 Thank you for sharing our picture! 🙂

  4. So cute and festive for Halloween!

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