Halloween Inspired Kitchen Gadgets

Halloween Inspired Kitchen Gadgets

We really get excited about Halloween around here!  I mean, when else do you have an excuse to create crazy costumes and spooky treats?  Maybe being a mom of boys is wearing off on me.  If you have never heard of the brand Jo!e you have got to check out all of the fun and functional kitchen gadgets they offer!  We absolutely love these because they conjure up ideas of Halloween and birthday parties.

Create a monster party using the Monster Fun Pop Ups and the Monster Fun Pops!  4 come in each pack so that you can share with friends.  The Monster Fun Pops even have a convenient stand so that kids can eat and play (or you can decorate your table).

Who loves Mr. Potato Head?  Now you can turn your own potatoes into people while cooking them!  I adore the Mr. Potato Microwave Feet.  What a great idea for creating some Halloween inspired potatoes as well.  Simply deck them out in their feet and use acrylic paint to create fun faces and costumes (of course, you can’t eat them after painting).

Serve up the ice cream using the new festive Oink Oink Ice Cream Scoop and pour your strawberry syrup (blood) over it using the Lil Syrup Dispenser.  The Ice Cream Scoop is a great weight and scoops with ease.  The Lil Syrup Dispenser leaves more syrup in the container and on your food than running down the side thanks to the convenient reservoir rim (no drips).

Find more cool kitchen gadgets at JoieShop.com.  Make sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook for more inspiring ideas.

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